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FREE There’s life in the Inner West! Issue 246 | November 6th 2014 Size doesn’t matter: The joys of small bars WIN! The Berlin File Galore Will local politics become less local? Council mergers DVD’s: g over Distri the In buted ner W in Lei chhar Peters est! dt, An ham, Stanm nanda Balma ore, N le, in, Dr ewtow ummo n, Rozel y n e , Haber le, Fiv e Doc field, k, Con & Sum cord, mer H ill is taki n Rock ON! It’s Glebe Street Fair time


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Do you need a stocking stuffer? Pre-Christmas Teeth Whitening & Anti-Wrinkle Injections for $1000 For more information call 9716 8500 Monday to Saturday 8am – 6pm. All consultations are discrete and confidential Dr Scott D Williams and the staff at White Leaf Dental are located on Ramsay Street HABERFIELD


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GEOMETRICUT HAir Designing SAlon Shop 7/1-15 Wilson Street, Newtown Tel: 8041 8482 Email: LED BY FORMER INTERNATIONAL STYLIST & EDUCATOR FOR VIDAL SASSOON ACADEMY. AT GHS WE CATER TO ALL CLIENTS BY OFFERING HIGHLY SKILLED DESIGNERS AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE. Trading Hours Monday: Closed Tuesday: 10am - 7pm Wednesday: 10am - 7pm Thursday: 10am - 8pm Friday: 10am - 8pm Saturday: 10am - 6pm Sunday: Closed


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Inner West whispers Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact... Council superpowers, Haberfield snoots and bikes in high rotation l Leichhardt Council is fighting a decision by WE ARE C!AO Satire for the soul Latte Leftie remains dignified despite embarrassing emails detailing a tryst with a fellow progressive activist being leaked. Dear LL – You had great sport last issue with the public revelation of a few of my strongly worded emails that offended the PC Commissars so I was wondering if you were equally delighted to see correspondence leaked proving you used your position as the Inner West’s most prominent progressive columnist to arrange the funding of a return Melbourne-Sydney coach ticket to allow one of your left-leaning lady friends to deliver a speech at the Jura Books symposium on ‘What Kurdish revolutionaries have to learn from Australian feminists: the promising future of gender-neutral pronouns in the Middle East’. Are you embarrassed to have passages such as the following made public: “I want to draw you a bath just like Tim used to do for Julia at the Lodge then do to you what Tony Abbott did to Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership!” and “I know you’re a strong supporter of having a series of documents signed signalling affirmative consent during the escalation of any sexual encounter but I’m secretly glad I don’t have to deal with all that boring paperwork before ravishing you!” and “Much as I abhor lookism, I must point out you’re a lot more conventionally attractive than most of the hatchet-faced gender studies academics I have to deal with” and “At a function with Shorten, he is such a dickhead (sad but true), he seriously can’t connect with the common man like moi – he should start blathering on about rugby league and drop the supercilious headprefect persona.” Righteous Rightie, Vaucluse LL replies: I have no comment to make other than to point out the (Murdoch-owned) local paper that so outrageously published my personal correspondence was well aware it came from a disgruntled ex-lover I was once involved in a polyamorous triad with. n Email your dilemma to ADVERTISING Sonya Madden the Local Government Superannuation board to invest in uranium mining and nuclear energy - which raises questions as to what other local government are doing to oppose this contentious move. As all DC Comics fans would know, nuclear power and “super” powers have a long and involved history... Ciao would love to see Leichhardt take a heroic stance in this bureaucratic brawl. when it has been a little bit of an afterthought in previous years. Rumours say it’s because council rules around the Festa have been relaxed this year, allowing businesses to participate who aren’t Haberfield born and bred. This year, biscuit makers Casa Di Miele had a stall when they have been denied access to earlier festas, no doubt to the ire of the Inner West’s pasticceria patriarch Pappa’s. l Ciao’s underworld informants have let us l Haberfield’s Primavera went off last week - know that the Inner West’s burgled bike business is booming. Forget the kick of high-grade speed, 21-speeds and a kickstand is the real thrill of young hooligans these days. Be cautious and keep your fixie under lock and key, even in your backyard. Ladies bikes go for much less on Gumtree so you won’t have to lock your wife’s up. I’ll say no more, lest I find a bloody pannier nailed to my door tomorrow morning. have been told to not go ahead with their renovation plans as their houses might be aquired for the $13 Billion Westconnex project. Announcements about compulsory aquisition are not expected to be made until next year. JOURNALIST Max Kobras FOOD Melissa Leong l Apparently this week residents in St Peters WINE Winsor Dobbin history The construction of the Glebe Island Bridge was finished in1903 and, until the opening of the ANZAC Bridge in 1995, it was a major link from the city to the Inner West as a road between Pyrmont and Rozelle. As a swing bridge, it allowed for both land and sea vehicles to pass through and is one of the last remaining bridges of its type in the world. This bridge was heritage listed in 1989, but recent assessments determined that it is rotting and deteriorating rapidly. It is estimated that a minimum of $12 million is ART DIRECTOR Eleanor Wales EDITORIAL Phoebe Moloney required just to restore it to working condition. Debate continues on the future of the bridge. Contributors: Jared Ingersoll, Nigel Bowen and Millie Cotes Illustrations: Paden Hunter Ciao loves you, and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent. We try and make you look your best. No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information. We welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions. The opinions expressed in Ciao Magazine are those of contributors, indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction. © All rights reserved. No material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. Ciao Magazine is a free publication. Distribution, advertising & editorial enquiries 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham 2049 (02) 9518 3696 0402 202 951 – Sonya 0405 509 805 – Sonia Ciao is locally owned and produced. Please recycle Printed by Spot Press, Cover: Canada Bay Sustainability Awards at Rhodes Phoenix. Rhodes Multicultural Community Centre with Mayor Angelo Tsirekas. Cover: Up and coming band, Lepers & Crooks, hang out at The Record Crate in Glebe. Thanks to Neville Sergent. Photo by Ben Cregan. 1+2 Artist Studios Presents Life wasn’t meant to be a bed of roses, C.L. A Popup Gallery Shop introducing PORTRAITS, LANDSCAPES, ART GLASS, TEXTILE ART, ABSTRACTS by 12 accomplished Sydney Artists at The Shop 112 Glebe Point Road, Glebe THE TWELVE Things we love: It’s a breath of fresh air to see residents being honest about what they put out for chuck-out. This mattress was found abandoned in the streets of Stanmore, signed off by the mysterious hand of ‘C.L.’ (Cindy Lauper? Or a certain Craig Laundy, perhaps?) We imagine a youthful romantic tossing and turning after spending one too many nights eating their oversized Oxford Tav schnitty all alone. Dear C.L., Ciao still loves you! n Thanks to Julia Readett C!ao’s voice In • Mutt dogs • Jacaranda Trees • Haberfield Festa, which had the biggest turn-out for years • Inner West businesses going totally over the top for Halloween! • Street parties • Bowler hats • Old episodes of The Simpsons • Pay-what-you-can dining • Divesting from baddie businesses Out • LinkedIn • Accidentally swiping items twice at do-it-yourself check outs • Do-it-yourself check outs • Bank tellers no longer being able to process cheque deposits • Irritatingly slow walkers at pedestrian crossings • Being a bit too tipsy at a workplace Melbourne Cup party... and having to hide it! • Racist Halloween costumes. “Dressing up” as a Native American is not funny. It’s insensitive. GRAND OPENING Saturday 15th November 2014 11am-late Our Gallery Shop will be open Saturday 15th November to 31st December Opening Hours: Wednesday - Sunday 11am-6pm Enquiries: Marilyn Ross: 0422 286 887 Dagmar Ackerman: 0414 238 832 Andrea Boltresz: 0423 635 041 C!ao Magazine There’s life in the Inner West! 4


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Upside Down Secret Stone Matua $ 20 2 for $ 4 bottles 10 90 each $ 26 2 for Squealing Pig Oyster Bay 2 for VB Stubbies $ 36 2 for $ 39


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Community Life R OA D T E ST n Phoebe Moloney Drunk On Glebe With summer approaching faster than you can say “slip slop slap”, this silly season we thought we'd get acquainted with the best watering holes Glebe has to offer. These bars are so cozy you’ll think you never left your mate's living room. Different Drummer Mr. Falcon’s We start our night off at Different Drummer hoeing into the two-for-one cocktail deal between 6 and 7:30pm. This small bar is nestled into a renovated 20th century building - and when we say small we really mean it. Get there early, as you may be hard pressed to find a seat. Once you do though, it’s really worth it. The bar is filled with intimate nooks and a decent-sized garden where you can sip away at your discounted drinks. Start the night off with a selection of tapas dishes like the marinated swordfish skewers, grilled sardines or pan-fried potatoes. Wash it all down with their Ginger and Apple Cooler, containing vodka, a house-made ginger syrup, topped with fresh apple juice and ginger beer. Get your friend the Precocious Pear just so you can try a bit: spiced rum, maraschino liqueur and fresh pear juice! n 185 Glebe Point Rd. Ph: 9552 3406 Next on the itinerary is Mr. Falcon’s, a slightly bigger 'small bar' with a real homey feel. The outside garden, with hanging plants, fairy lights and rustic decorations, feels as if you’re nestled into the backyard of one of your mate’s terraces. Step into their living room and get settled into a luxurious leather couch, which will likely swallow you whole. If you’re still feeling a bit peckish try the cheese platter with some delicious house-made pickles – all of which will go down nicely with a carafe of sangria. n 92 Glebe Point Rd. Ph: 9029 6626 RANT Gloucester: Beautiful one day, fracked the next If you’ve ever been to the peaceful rural town of Gloucester, just over three hours drive north from Sydney, you’ll know that it is a very special place. Nestled in the foothills of the Barrington Tops World Heritage Area, the town is renown for its fine agricultural products like wine, dairy and beef, and also for being a favourite haunt of the legendary bushranger, Captain Thunderbolt. Today though, it’s become famous for another reason – fracking. AGL has begun a program of hydraulic fracturing for coal seams within a few hundred metres of people’s homes and the local community is rising up, just like our own Inner West community did when we heard that Dart Energy wanted to drill for coal seam gas in St. Peters. The Little Guy Glebe If you can pull yourself away from Mr Falcon's comfy couches head down to the Little Guy where servings of free, spiced popcorn flow a plenty! Known for their killer craft beers, boutique wines, inventive cocktails and friendly service, the Little Guy is proof that size does not matter! Pull up a stool and people watch from the large windows facing onto the main strip of colourful Glebe. n 87 Glebe Point Rd. Ph: 8084 0758 Coal seam gas mining is a process that even the Chief Scientist has said will have “unintended consequences” on our drinking water catchments and even the air we breathe. Toxic chemicals used in the extraction of this gas can contaminate our aquifers, and gas leaks from the wells can pollute the air we breathe. Even rivers start to bubble methane when gasfields operate nearby and bore water can catch on fire. There is a law in NSW that prohibits coal seam gas fracking within 2 kilometres of residential areas but this does not apply in Gloucester or Camden where AGL has over 100 gas wells, some within 70 metres of brand new homes. In the Camden gasfield area, children have been displaying symptoms like bleeding from the nose, symptoms that are disturbingly similar to those experienced by children in Queensland’s Tara district, which is also surrounded by an unconventional gasfield. Gas companies say we need this fossil fuel due to a gas shortage in New South Wales but the reality is that this gas is destined for the overseas market where companies can get three times the price for it. That is why, as of July, our gas prices went up – not because of a shortage but because of greedy companies who don’t care about our land, our water or our future. We must support our brothers and sisters in Gloucester and Camden in their struggle to fend off this destructive unsafe industry. If you want to hear more about what is going on at Gloucester, come along to the information nights: • Nov 5, 6pm. Newtown Neighbourhood Centre. 1 Bedford St, Newtown • Nov 12, 6pm. Gaelic Club. 64 Devonshire St, Surry Hills n Words: Nell Schofield Glebe Record Crate By now you’re nearing the end of your night and I imagine you're teetering on the brink of tipsiness? Crawl your way to The Record Crate, conveniently located close to the bus stops on Parramatta Road, and adorned with a beer garden! Here you’ll find a winning mix of beer and vinyl. Flip through some old records or plunk yourself on the comfy couches in the garden while listening to a cool collection of classics. Speakeasy sophistication n 34 Glebe Point Rd. Ph: 9660 1075 A rozelle village affair Prepare for the hustle and bustle as Darling Street is transformed with picnic rugs, market stalls and artificial grass for the first ever Rozelle Village Fair! Created partially to demonstrate resilience and perseverance after the tragedy in the area back in September, the inaugural Rozelle Village Fair is a celebration of the suburb, the local talents, the charms and the idiosyncrasies that make the area so unique. There is a hope to drive business back into the suburb with this fair, as many locals have been struggling in the wake of the recent tragedy. On the day there will be two main stages providing entertainment, covering a wide range of acts that are appropriate for young and old alike. There will also be a variety of roving street performers and theatre acts, with all the talent sourced locally, to entertain as you peruse the large selection of stalls and displays. When you start to feel a bit peckish, make sure to head down to the communal dining table at the centre of Darling Street to get a bite or two. n For more information on this event, visit What’s on n Compiled by Max Kobras. Email Sunday 9th November FREE Community are events listings n For more information, visit Sunday 16th November Tues 18th Nov-Sat 29th Nov email info@ x Attn: Ma A Touch of Red Sparky’s Pop-Up Reggae Bar While lock-outs and a lack of great venues continue to dampen the nightlife of the inner city, the DIY music scene in Sydney couldn’t be more alive and here is the perfect example. A collaboration between Ernie Garland from Kinsky, the Hive Bar, the art collective Create or Die and The Studio, Sparky’s is proving that our fair city has more to offer than Top 40 nightclubs, outdated pub rock tribute bands and lousy 2am lock-outs. Come for the music, stay to show that we Sydneysiders want to have a good time at night, and we will do it ourselves if we have to. Marrickville, 12pm-late n Where: 10 Mitchell St, Three Piece Suite Three Piece Suite is a musical string trio that formed in the end of 2012 n Where: Annandale Village Church, with the three members Rachel Corner Booth and Johnston St Westwood (violin), Valmai Coggins (viola) and Deborah Coogan (cello) all having many years experience performing in a larger, orchestral setting. With the desire to showcase a diverse repertoire of intimate chamber music, Three Piece Suite is bringing their ‘Spring Dances’ to the Inner West, a collection of music encompassing the playful, romantic and dramatic, which will feature an extra two guest Snazzy Three Piece Suite 6 musicians; Rebecca Irwin on violin and Owen Torr on harp. Tickets are $30 for an adult and can be bought at the door. Wednesday 12th November Gloria’s Handbag The year is 2021 and Gloria, 97, is being pushed by her son to move to “retireville”. Instead, she chooses to purchase an extraordinary designer handbag that leads her on a series of unusual events that transform her final days into a fantastic adventure. That is the synopsis for the latest onewoman play by award-winning New Zealand actress Helen Moulder and if you’re not interested yet, well you should be. This play will run from 6-8pm at Balmain Town Hall and is completely free. The Australian Society of Miniature Art is a group that has existed since 1985 and, surprise, they are dedicated to the creation and promotion of all forms of miniature art. A Touch of Red is the name and theme of their latest exhibition, which will feature such local artists as Michael Falk, Rosanna Jursevic and Maret Kalmar working across a range of traditional and contemporary artistic practices. All the pieces in this collection of 2D and 3D works were painstakingly created to fit within 100 square centimetres and will be available for sale as well as viewing. n Salerno Gallery, 70 Glebe Point Rd See page 8 for more what's on...


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˱ΎȽ˞ȱȳΎɁɃȾȾȺȷȳɁ *NSW Trade Promotion Permit LPT/14/08098. Full terms & conditions available at


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n Local Gigs n Local screens LOCAL MOVIES s We have DVD y! to g ive awa Rock chicks: Little May Canberra teens behaving badly... Sunday 9th November Sweet Lil Rider They play delta blues and they play it good but as easy as this band is to listen to, I’d say they are just as likely to bore as they are to entertain. Check them out though; the gig is free after all Galore n The Annandale, Free Saturday 15th November Sandra (Marion Cotillard) is forced to make a costly, morally wrenching choice Kite I listened to a few of their songs and it took me a while to find something I liked. A lot seemed to be just the singer and her guitar and she simply doesn’t have the talent or the voice to pull it off alone. There is certainly something there when the whole band is involved though. n The Record Crate, $10 Thursday 27th November Little May I think what I like most about Little May is that, unlike all the dozens of similar bands popping up in this genre recently, they go dark. Too much indie is all happygo-lucky bullshit and it’s just boring. To these ladies I say keep it dark, you rock it so well. n Newtown Social Club, $15 After the disappointment of The Immigrant, Marion Cotillard redeems herself totally in the Dardennes Brothers’ searingly realist drama. Unusually for our predictable art-house fare, this one is set in working class Belgium, and Cotillard plays Sandra, a lowly paid factory worker in a solar panel plant. Her bosses have her placed in a shockingly invidious position, and for anyone used to union protection or even our workplace laws, a situation like this must seem appalling. But get used to it, it’s our (union-less) future. In order to get a much-needed Christmas bonus, one worker (Sandra) is to be laid off. She can keep her job only if the others agree to forgo that money. Filled with despair and self-doubt, she struggles to find the courage necessary to act. Then falteringly, with the help of her husband, over the period of the movie’s title, she visits her co-workers at home – and asks. We yearn for a happy outcome to this seemingly impossible quest. And the brilliance of this superbly acted and nail-bitingly tense film is that we do get one. But it’s not the one we wanted. M from Nov 6. Two Days, One Night The Drop Finally, Gone Girl is fading at the box office... But just in time for fans of tough and knotty mysteries, along comes another claustrophobic thriller, full of twists and traps for both the characters and us. Dennis Lehanee (Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone) wrote it, so you know the drill – you’re in for something hard-boiled and salty. Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini star as two old-school Brooklyn hoods – the sort of lowlifes who gave that NY borough its "character." Mind you, that was way before today’s effete bearded hipsters took it over. MA15+ from Nov 13. Rhys Graham’s accomplished coming-of-age debut didn’t get the attention it deserved earlier this year. Yes it may have been difficult for some ABC critics of a certain age (you know who I mean) to understand. But something so gorgeous to look at, so lyrical and engagingly populist surely deserves respect. Comparisons to Somersault are inevitable, if only for its teen sexual awakening plot. Which focuses on Billie (Puberty Blues’ Ashleigh Cummings) – crazy in love, sleeping with her best friend’s (Lily Sullivan) boyfriend, and confused as hell about the stray Islander boy her social worker mum has brought into their home to help. Book-ended by the fires that ravaged the Canberra region a few years ago, shimmering heat, distant smoke and sirens are a constant presence, an ominous signal to a possible climax to Billie’s emotional turmoil. Yes a tragedy does come, but not the one we expect. This is a powerful, beautifully realised film of loss, betrayal and love. MA15+ On DVD and digital from Nov 5. ★ Thanks to EntertainmentOne Australia we have five DVDs to give away. Details below. WIN DVDs! No, it's not a labradoodle Hunted by friend and foe A Second Sunset The Berlin File Surrounded by luscious green scenery, a gorgeous orange sun setting in the distance and sweet melodies rolling to your ears; this must be heaven… Or it’s Jazz in the Park, the latest upcoming event in Leichhardt Council’s Sunset Series, a collection of family-friendly music events that play host to spectacular artists set in even more amazing locations. This year’s Jazz in the Park, running from 4-7pm on Sunday 16th November, will be held in Gladstone Park, Balmain. The event kicks off with a performance by Mingus Amongst Us, a ninepiece band that plays and is inspired by the works of famous double-bassist and jazz composer Charles Mingus. The Organ Groovers, who are another soulful, Australian jazz group, will follow them before the headlining act, Grace Knight, hits the stage. Formerly a pop singer with the Eurogliders, Grace transitioned into jazz in the early 1990s and will provide a great performance to accompany the setting of the sun. n For more information on this event, go to This tense, stylish and very muscular spy thriller from Ryoo Seung-wan shows why Korean films are fast gaining a dedicated audience, even amongst the hard-to-please art-house crowd. Set in a gritty Cold War-like Berlin, comparisons with le Carre are not out of place, though typically, there’s way more viciousness and extravagant gunplay than George Smiley could ever have stomached. Ha Jung-woo plays a dedicated North Korean infiltrator, cast out into the cold after an illicit arms deal goes wrong. Suddenly agents from the North, the South, the CIA (and even Mossad) are all in pursuit of him and his pregnant wife – and even her loyalties are in somewhat in doubt. The pace is frantic, the dialogue hard-edged, Berlin is fantastically foreboding and the action exhilarating. MA15+ On Blu-ray, DVD and digital from Nov 9. ★ Thanks to Icon Home Entertainment we have 5 DVDs to give away. Details below n More local movies: The heavenly Grace Knight Saturday 22nd November Reggae Carnival The sun is shining, the weather is sweet and the smooth reggae tunes are flowing. Presented by FBi Radio and sponsored by 4 Pines Brewing Company and Foreigndub, the Reggae Carnival is returning again to Fraser Park, Marrickville and they will be jammin’ all day. But more than just the sweet Caribbean beats (makes us want to move our dancing feet), this event also features a huge market with great stalls and foods. Tickets are only $10, kids under 12 are free, so pull out your dreads and come join the party. n For more info or to purchase tickets, visit www.reggaecarnival. Thursday 27th November Historic Aboriginal Tree Trunk Artwork We don't like reggae, we love it! 8 Have you noticed anything new or different in Ashfield Park lately? Aboriginal artists James and Danny Eastwood have, with support from the Ashfield Aboriginal Consultative Committee, recently completed their latest public display; a tree trunk skilfully carved and beautifully painted to depict the dreaming story of the Rainbow Serpent. The piece, which was commissioned as part of the Ashfield Reconciliation Action Plan, will be officially launched by Mayor Lucille McKenna on this Thursday and members of the public are invited to attend. Street, 4pm Although we are still more than a month away from Christmas, the festive season has undoubtedly begun and Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL is revelling in the fact. This event, which is perfect for every family, will see both Santa and all your favourite Frozen characters come together for one spectacular day. The Christmas cheer will be running from 3-6pm. n For more information visit A serpentine tale WIN DVDs n Where: Ashfield Park, Orpington Sunday 30th November Frozen Christmas Spectacular To be in the running to win one of five DVDs of Galore and/or The Berlin File, email your name and contact details to au telling us where you picked up your copy of Ciao. You can enter them both in one email, but if you do, give us a DVD and Digital HD Nov 5 preference. Remember to include a postal address. Good luck! n Reviews – Russell Edwards


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Lip or Chin $ 9 LASER HAIR REMOVAL Full Face FEMALE $ 39 39 89 Brazilian & U/Arms Half Legs $ SALE SKIN TREATMENT $ ACHIEVE RADIANT SKIN Firmer skin WITH FRACTIONAL RF JUST FULL FACE $ 279 Leichhardt Norton Plaza, Norton St (02) 8031 7739 Ends 27 November 2014 T&C’s apply. Ask us or visit our website for details.


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Glebe Street Fair Sunday 16th November Glebe Street Festival is setting itself apart from other community festas that have taken place this year with a unique focus on community creativity in the arts and social change. Throughout Sunday the 16th of November, Glebe will be host to over 200 stalls and 30 live performances. Showing off the kooks and kinks of Sydney’s last true bohemia, the Glebe Street Festival will grab you hook, line and sinker with the likes of Matt Ross playing the blues, stalls such as Poke serving up unique delights like “Hawaiian style sushi” and a heap of community based organisations meeting up in Foley Park to deliberate on how to change Glebe, and the surrounding Inner West, for the better. Featuring five festival centres sprinkled throughout Glebe, the 16th of November is definitely a day to go on a neighbourhood adventure – you’re sure to discover a few things that you never knew were happening in this neck of the woods! Events For the Musos... Angie Who & The Weary Few 11:20am, St. Johns Road Stage This swinging gospel and folk band have put together an album specifically to raise funds to fix St John’s leaky roof. They will be performing live and selling their EP ‘This Little Light’ on the day to put you in a community mindset. Their brooding rendition of ‘I want Jesus to Walk With Me’ shouldn’t be missed live. Project Collective Ska 3:00pm, St. Johns Road Stage This group of hooligans is off chops if you are a sucker for ska. They are the young and very talented face of Sydney’s muso scene, most members playing in a plethora of other ensembles. Be sure to stick around for tripping trombone solos from Frank Dasent and Billy Ward’s face-melting saxophone riffs. Lepers and Crooks Lah Lah’s Big Live Band For the Kiddies... Lah Lah’s Big Live Band For Foodies... Some stalls to salivate over: • Angus Smoke House will be serving up American style pork ribs, buttered corn and hot smoked chicken wings. • What would a trip to Glebe be without the prospect of churros? Get them warm and doughy from Dos Churros. • Kettle Town will be serving up their unique range of housemade chai. • La Parada Mexican will be whipping out the Tex-Mex faves. Think chilli cheese dogs, nachos and tacos. • Poke make Hawaiian Style Sushi which is not served in rolls but in paper boats with freshsliced sashimi, black rice and delish Japanese condiments. • Grab a “Gourmet Snag” at the Gourmet Stand for a unique twist on a street-party BBQ. 10:00am, Parramatta Road Stage 3:50pm, Parramatta Road Stage This band of five are the new rockers on the block, famously snapping up INXS’ old manager, Chris Murphy. They have a cleaner sound than most of the psychadelic/ indie rockers roving around the Inner West at the moment, whether that will work in their favour only time will tell! The grooviest children’s band around, Lah Lah’s Big Live Band’s combination of jazz, fun and friendship (and a truly ‘phat’ sound) has won the hearts of families all over Oz. They will be playing a set and then hanging around for photos with their fans. Flamewater Circus Children’s Workshop 10:00am, Minogue Reserve If your kids like to live dangerously, you’ll have a tough time keeping them away from this troupe of fire twirlers. Here they can learn the basics of circus performance like hula hooping, twirling and juggling from Sydney’s premiere circus pros. Children’s Petting Zoo All day, Glebe Public School Project Collective Ska Something for the littlies: Glebe Public School will be hosting a petting zoo and other animal themed entertainment all day. For more animal lovin’ head to to Foley Park where pony rides will be on offer. Sociable Crooks Ciao had a sneaky interview with the boys from Lepers & Crooks about returning to their favourite block of Sydney for some riffraffing fun. You have recently been touring a heap around the Inner West of Sydney – do you have any specific ties to the Glebe area? We’ve all lived in Glebe at different times over the past few years and Burg has lived in the area since he was about 16. It’s definitely our favourite part of the inner city, all the trees and old terraces make you feel like you’re in your own separate world as you look over the horizon toward the towers of the city, it’s a great place to create music. We all lived together on Glebe Point Road for about a year and that was one of our most cherished times, the vibe of that street and the eclectic mix of people definitely helps get the creative juices flowing. We had a jam on our balcony at the Glebe Fair in 2012 and that was stacks of fun but it’s exciting to have a place at the Parramatta Road stage at the Fair this year. There are many articles around comparing you to INXS, but from your sound it doesn’t really seem like that’s where you are heading. Who are your band’s biggest influences? It goes back to Alex (lead guitar) and Burg (bass) jamming together as young teens listening to Burg’s dad’s old records such as Led Zeppelin and The Doors. The pair agreed they wanted to be in a band that was essentially based around classic rock but influenced by enough unique flavours to create a modern rock sound with a classic rock feel. These flavours include rhythmic and drumming influences from bands like RHCP, Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age but also include softer pitch and story element influences from artists such as Rodriguez, Bob Dylan and Amy Winehouse. I hear Alex also listens to a plethora of jazz and blues artists and is always looking for new musical colours to add to our tunes. All in all we are quite open minded and take ideas from whatever we see live or hear on the radio (when it’s 10 not spurting out shit everywhere) so our music tends to evolve organically, it’s like there’s an ever changing unwritten formula that everyone just seems to know and follow, we all write as a team so it’s great to have five writers as opposed to one or two. Look. I’m going to be frank and just objectify you for a moment. But you all have very luscious locks, do you have any hair maintenance tips – or is it just the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle? The hair maintenance tips are generally one haircut per year (or two years) and make sure not to wash often to avoid being too clean! I think the long hair obsession started in school where hair had to be over the ear and high on the neck, we always used to try and grow our hair and fold it over with bobby pins to hide it from the teachers but they had lunch time inspections often, it seemed like prison sometimes, ha ha! Burg’s hair was always just dead straight so he just keeps it shaved. Are there any other acts at the Glebe Street Festival that you are looking forward to hearing? We’re definitely looking forward to playing with Bonez again, we’ve shared the bill with them a couple of times and had some kick arse parties with those guys. I saw them at The Vanguard once and Dukes (guitar) brought out an electric egg beater with wires attached and used it with some cranked up crunch for his solo and it just blew us away! We’re also excited to see a few other acts that we haven’t seen before like Cherokee Rose and The Maybes. The Shop Local artists from one + 2 studios have formed a collective that will be showcasing their work in an innovative space on Glebe Point Rd called the The Shop. The collective of artists began The Shop project because they were sick of entering art spaces where everyone remained quiet and had to be well-behaved. At The Shop Dagmar, Marilyn and Andrea from The Shop you can interact with the goods on sale like any other retail space, except many of the artists have created pieces specifically for the stall’s exciting collection. We asked organizer and artist, Andrea Boltresz, to tell us more. Is there a standout painting/piece that can’t be missed? Topographical textile sculptures by Andrea Boltresz, not available anywhere else and pioneering entirely new sculptural techniques with recycled textiles; drawings by Pina Bartolo (one of the highest regarded teachers of life drawing Sydney, and a rare chance to purchase her work); textures and shapes in glass by Dagmar Ackerman, also truly unique and exceptionally accomplished work. What is the price range of the works and can anyone buy them? We have works ranging from $50 up to $5,000. We’d like to think there is something that will appeal and can be afforded by anyone. This is a great chance to invest in something that you will love having in your home for many years to come. What are the benefits of buying work from local artists? Artists who live and work locally are passionate about the places and things around them. We see the finer detail and the hidden things by steeping ourselves in a particular environment for a time. It allows us to produce work that resonates with others who also live and work here, and gives us the opportunity to show people new ways of seeing the world around them. And obviously there are benefits to the local economy, and it’s ethically good to support local industry of all types, including artists, artisans and craftsmen. Have there been some works created especially for this project? Almost all of the works have been created for this event. Many of us, including myself, produced an entirely new body of work specifically for this. Committing to this concept has provided impetus for creative work for all of us and every artist has submitted work not previously exhibited for sale. Glebe boys made good Visit the shop at 112 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe. Grand opening November 15th 11am til late.


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n Your say n Sustainability n Local news Should the Melbourne Cup be stopped for cruelty to animals? n “Yes!!!” Bridget, Newtown n “Why should it be stopped? Right now, somewhere, a cow is having a bolt fired through its skull so you can have a burger, yet some prefer not to think about it but get all sad when a race horse that has had a pampered life passes on.” Nick, Five Dock n “There’s no cruelty to the animal. I saw close ups of the horses and not one was whipped by the jockeys. Boxers pound each other into hamburger mince but is that bloodsport stopped?” Michael, Abbotsford Think Outside the Bin It's National Recycling Week and if you are not excited about it, you had better start thinking of artistic ways to use the 240 toilet roll tubes you use every year. Funding Restored to Inner West Women's Refuges After threatening them with almost certain closure, the NSW Government has announced that five women's only refuges will be restored funding for the next three years, including Detour House in Glebe and the Young People's Refuge in Leichhardt. While its a win for inner-city services, closures and management hand-overs are still proceeding for services in regional areas and Sydney's outer west. Once of the two refuges in NSW which caters specifically for culturally and linguistically diverse women, Blacktown's Muslim Women Association Centre, is set to close this month. Fling xx x a file festivities! A new report from Planet Ark, titled 'The Seven Secrets of Successful Recyclers' explains that thinking about reuse and recycling is an effective way to ensure unwanted but still useable items don’t end up in landfill. “People are becoming more aware of the environmental and financial impacts of a throwaway culture,” says Brad Gray, head of Campaigns at Planet Ark. Understanding which items can be recycled at the kerbside is the first step in establishing successful recycling habits. Research suggests that contamination in recycling bins is not always due to a lack of care or concern but rather due to genuine misunderstandings about what can be recycled. Surprisingly, 50 per cent of people surveyed got at least one item wrong when asked if it is recyclable. For example, only 34 per cent of Australians know that empty aerosol cans are recyclable in their kerbside bins. One of the top explanations given for not recycling aerosols was a mistaken belief that they will explode in the recycling. The survey also shows that 26 per cent of people sometimes or always put their recycling in a plastic bag, then into the bin. However, items contained within the plastic bags end up being sent to landfill as the systems in the sorting facility can’t separate the various materials and the bags clog the machines. Recycling must be loose in the recycling bin to be sorted effectively. Businesses can also share some recycling joy. Paper-based products, including cardboard, make up the second-largest component of the 12.5 million tonnes of waste produced by Australian businesses each year. “Australian workplaces are good at recycling the paper they use everyday, but there are literally tonnes of high-quality office paper stored in files that will never be used again,” says Gray. Currently office paper has a recycling rate of 68 per cent, yet less than 18 per cent of new office paper includes recycled content. National Recycling Week is 10th November to 16th November. Local Council Planning Powers Removed Independent 'planning experts' will replace Leichhardt Council in assessing local development applications for approval, in a new planning reform voted in by, well, Leichhardt councillors. “For the first time ever, objectors and applicants will know beyond doubt that politicians are not being unduly influenced or pressured over development applications,” Former Mayor Darcy Byrne said. Greens councillors, including Leichhardt Mayor Rochelle Porteous, voted against endorsing the as yet unnamed panel members, who can be selected on the basis they are experts in law, architecture, planning, urban design, environmental or social planning. compare horse racing with boxing; the boxers choose to compete and they weigh the risks of doing so. A horse doesn’t have that luxury. And when a cow is killed for its meat, that is serving a very real purpose but what is gained from a horse running itself to death?” Max, Newtown horse was drugged before the race.” Maria, Granville n “The only cruelty is if the n “It’s not really fair to MORE INFO: • There are 17 billion toilet-paper tubes made every year • Manufacturer Kimberly Clark has just launched a tube-free toilet paper roll • You can recycle your household batteries at Balmain Library, 370 Darling St Balmain • Register your workplace for the Friday File fling on November 14th. which will provide an opportunity to toss out unwanted files • Bower Repair Café is coming to Annandale Neighbourhood Centre (back hall) on November 15th to demonstrate how household appliances can be repaired and re-used • Recycling one kilogram of paper reduces the production of greenhouse gases by one kilogram Emerging fears for local councils Leichhardt Council has voted to oppose the NSW Government incentives for councils who voluntarily merge according to the recommendations of the independent Local Government Review panel. Their 2013 review contentiously recommended the amalgamation of six Inner West councils: Leichhardt, Marrickville, Burwood, City of Canada Bay, Strathfield and Ashfield. Local xx x young people learn how to pour Recipe for Success Mayor Porteous stakes her ground The Baird Government's Fit for the Future package is offering councils who do merge $10.5 million to facilitate the restructure, as well as greater rate-setting flexibility, priority access to state funding and cheaper loan-finance – citing financial stability as one of the main benefits for local communities restructure. Leichhardt Mayor Rochelle Porteous says that the incentive of finanical security does not wash with her community stakeholders. “Leichhardt Council is financially sound and according to the Government’s own TCorp assessment has a sound financial outlook for the next three years. In fact the State Government could learn a lot from what many local Sydney councils are getting right,” she said. City of Canada Bay Council passed a resolution at its October meeting also expressing opposition. The resolution states that the Council, “Is very concerned at the adverse economic and social impact on its ratepayers and residents of the State Government’s proposal to amalgamate such a diverse and large geographical area which prima-facie has no common links.” A team of local businesses and community organisations, led by the Marrickville Youth Resource Centre, have pulled together to create a seven-week hospitality course which aims to eliminate youth disengagement, beginning this Wednesday. The course provides 18 students with RSA, RCG, cocktail and coffee-making training, plus interview and conflict resolution workshops and work attire at no cost. Director of the Marrickville Youth Resource Centre, Dana Warrington, who's long been concerned about youth unemployment, explains that, “The course is aimed at youth who are completely disengaged from work and training and who have had difficulty completing training in the past. We want to support them through the whole program and our caseworkers will work hard to link them with jobs at the end.” Rob Mundle @ Leichhardt Town Hall Thu 13 NovembeR Caroline ford @ Leichhardt library Wed 3 DecembeR Both events 6pm for 6:30pm start Free events - All welcome Bookings online or call 9367 9266 Annual General Meeting The Sydney Local Health District Board invites you to attend its Annual General Meeting to be held on: Thursday, 4 December 2014 Meet the Board and enjoy refreshments from 4pm AGM from 5pm to 6.30pm Auditorium, Centre for Education and Workforce Development, Building 301, Callan Park Corner of Cecily Street and Balmain Road, Rozelle To register your interest, please RSVP by Thursday, 27 November to: Online Registration: Email: Tel: (02) 9515 9600 Leichhardt Library Piazza Level, Italian Forum, 23 Norton Street 12 N43925


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SALTUARY Your Holistic Health Partner Saltuary, Your Holistic Health Partner offers: • Himalayan Salt Therapy • Floatation Therapy • Naturopathy* • Massage* • Acupuncture* • Yoga • Infrared Sauna * Health Fund Rebates apply. Christmas gift packages available Stressed? Aches & Pains? Our Acupucturist & Massage therapists each have 20+ years experience. Shop 2, 134 Great North Rd, Five Dock (next to Anytime Fitness) visit or call 9713 8688 Your Holistic Health Partner Salt rooms | Float rooms | Natural medicine


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in the kitchen Resident chef, Jared Ingersoll, gets potted in to a contemporary take on an Italian classic. This is a slight twist on a very simple classic and at its core is a delicious pork sausage. Cotechino is a sausage made using pork meat and pork rind, and it is one of the nicest things you can eat! I get mine from a little butcher in Dulwich Hill called the Chop Shop where Melinda makes them by hand. The presence of the rind makes for a delicious gelatinous and gorgeously soft and rich pork sausage that is great to eat straight away but slightly better (in my opinion) the next day. This recipe is one of the kings of the ‘one pot wonder’. It is super simple to make and if you can’t get a good quality Cotechino then any good pork sausage will suffice, you will just need to adjust your cooking times. The seaweed in the recipe is the tweak from tradition – cooking legumes with kelp is a delicious thing to do as the natural salt helps enhance the lentils’ flavour. There are also ‘oligosaccharides’ present in legumes which your body has a really hard time digesting; the presence of seaweeds helps the digestion process. One pot wonder XXX Wine with Winsor n Classy number Blue Pyrenees 2012 Shiraz If you enjoy your reds with a little bit of style and swagger then this classy number from Western Victoria will be very much to your liking. It’s a cool-climate shiraz that still has plenty of power with dark chocolate, berry and spice flavours all jostling for priority. There is plenty of flavour here with a soft, easy drinking style. This would be great with pizza and pasta dishes but has enough oomph to be a companion for red meat dishes. Try Dan Murphy’s or Vintage Cellars. $22. Cotechino Sausage with Kelp Ingredients: 1 Cotechino sausage 6 large carrots, peeled and left whole 1 onion, peeled and cut in half 2 sticks of celery 1 large blade of Kombu (or wakame) 300g lentils 1 bunch parsley Summer favourite Wild White 2014 by Krinklewood Yet another cracking wine from Krinklewood, the leading biodynamic producer in the Hunter Valley. A blend of semillon, verdelho and chardonnay, it is a quintessential summer drink; lively and refreshing with crisp acidity. The new-look label is designed by Pete Windrim, son of vigneron Rod Windrim. This would be a terrific partner for picnics, seafood dishes or a spicy chicken salad. $18. Method: 1. Place your sausage, onion, carrot, celery, carrot, kelp touch of salt and a good grind of black pepper in a large saucepan and cover with plenty of cold water. Place on a moderate heat and bring to a simmer, turn down the heat and cook for about 45 minutes. 2. Add your lentils and stir through, cook for about another 30 min or until the lentils are tender. You may need to add a little more water as the lentils are cooking to ensure everything is moist. 3. To serve, cut your sausage into thick 1 cm slices. Coarsely chop your parsley and stir through the lentils just before plating up. This is best served with hot mustard and mustard fruits, a chunk of bread and a crisp white wine. At the markets Fruit: Australian mangoes have arrived from the Northern Territory at $2-5 each ($15-30 a tray) and peaches and nectarines have also just arrived. Seedless watermelons are beautiful right now at $1-3/kg. Red devil Maxwell 2013 Little Demon Cabernet Merlot A remarkably good wine for the price from a family-owned McLaren Vale producer that is hitting high notes right now. This blend of 70% cabernet sauvignon and 30% merlot offers dark blue fruit flavours, plenty of length, nicely integrated French oak and immediate drinking pleasure. There is also a cabernet malbec blend at a price that is similarly pleasing. This range offers plenty of flavour with a deft touch. $17. Veggies: All spring veggies are in abundance with Chinese veg costing $1-2 a bunch, celery at $2-3 a bunch and broccoli at $3-4/kg. The special buy of the week at Trims Fresh is kale at only 99c a bunch. n n Promotion Get sliced Geometricut Master hairdresser Victor Yuen tells us what he has learnt after 20 years learning and teaching in the beauty industry. Victor now hones his craft in his reknown Newtown salon, Geometricut. Jared Ingersoll: Keep your lid on Jared can’t change the fact his name begins with ‘jar’. I am a pretty relaxed kind of guy, not too many things get me worked up, except for jars. Yes, jars are really cool! They have many good qualities such as the fact you can look through them to see what they contain, glass does not taint easily which means that you can use them again and again and they create an airtight seal which is very hygienic. I have a lot of jars; I am a part time hoarder and full-time preserver. Before today I have had many conversations with friends about what jars are the best kind for preserving and fermenting and the like. Yes, that’s right people, I am that kinda guy… But it doesn’t change the fact that I HATE drinking out of jars. Drinking out of jars is the stupidest of stupids, and it’s definitely NOT cool! Of course, there are exceptions. For example, if you and I were surviving a zombie apocalypse and we found refuge in a cluttered attic, while the undead were gnashing their teeth below, and by chance the only fresh rain water available was dripping from a small hole in the ceiling which you then collected and passed to me, starving and exhausted, in a jar – then I would graciously accept your offer, and drink from said jar. Another acceptable time to drink out of a jar could possibly be if you were a Hill Billy driving me for hours across a bumpy dirt road to take me to your legendary moonshine distillery, where you made the finest moonshine in ‘these here parts’ using ‘dear old grand-pappy’s’ recipe and jars. In this case I would drink out of a jar only if, upon arrival, we discover there has been a shoot out and all the windows (and glasses) and everything is all ‘busted up’ and yet somehow there remains one grubby jar. I would find it quite ‘on theme’, and acceptable, if you were to wipe out that grubby jar with your grubby hands on your grubby overalls, then charge my vessel. I would drink from that jar graciously and exclaim a loud sigh of appreciation. However, seeing as society is in tact, our dead remain dead and we are residing in the Inner West, not the wild west – I would have to ask you, if you are considering pouring a beverage into a jar, to take a good hard look at what choices you are making in life. We have come too far to pour all our progress in to a fake antique jar! I don’t care if it has a handle! Even if you are Donna Hay or the Queen Mother, I will not accept my cocktail, milkshake, soup or breakfast, god forbid, in a f**king jar. I would rather eat out of my lap. Why were you drawn to the art of hair design? Before I joined the industry, I saw it’s diverse potential to allow an individual to grow as a stylist or a craftsman. Hair, to me, is the most important material anyone could use to accessorise an image, whether it be for daily use or to make a statement. The craft itself is sophisticated technically and simple at the same time. I think it’s just fun and challenging. Which academies have you taught at during your career? I’ve taught in the Australasian Beauty College in Sydney for two years, Vidal Sassoon Academy in Shanghai for six years, JYL Academy in Taiwan for a couple of months and occasionally freelance short courses organised around Malaysia. What did you love about teaching? Being a part of a person’s career and personal growth. Sharing ideas and inspiring others. What is your philosophy to creating the ultimate individual look? My first philosophy in hair designing is to meet and exceed my clients’ expectations. Everyone has a different style, therefore to create an ultimate look for an individual is to embrace the aesthetic an individual already has. Suitability is important and creativity is key, but perfection is the art of the craft. What is the most exciting hairstyling experience you’ve had? I find every hairstyle unique, individual and 14 One of Victor’s unique creations interesting. Classic haircuts can be as equally phenomenal as a creative design. Sometimes it can also be the stage or the person which excites me. In 2007, I had the pleasure of styling for a Miss World event, creating a chignon up-do. My largest audience was 4,000 hairdressers, at a hairstyling conference held in a stadium. I also remember cutting a group of old ladies’ hair in an old folks home, and there was one particular lady whom I styled for who was 101 years old. I gave her a classic Bob haircut. She smiled and said I made her look 50 years younger. What advice would you give to inner westies who are sick of their everyday look, but a bit scared to try something new? Don’t be. The fear of change only happens when one is living within in a comfort zone. I think the people of the Inner West should just get out there and embrace new things. n To book an appointment with Victor call Geometricut salon at: 8041 8482. First visit receives 15% off when you cut and colour on the same day. Shampoo and Blowdry is $45 with an in-salon masque treatment included. Offers end 31st December, 2014. Are you going to drink out of that?


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Weekly specials, delicious produce, excellent value MarketPlace Leichhardt, Cnr Marion and Flood St Leichhardt. Located next to Aldi Tel: 9572 6886 Melosi mortadella Petite tomatoes (large cherry tomatoes) $7.99kg 500g for $1.49 Vittoria coffee capsules 78g $6.99 99 Mangoes Kale cents a bunch $9.99 a tray 3 Danish and spanish salami Strawberries for $3.99 $15.99kg Santa Vittoria 6 x 750ml Rosa artichokes 170gm $5.99 $1.49 *Specials until Wednesday 12th of November



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