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4th Grade

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Monster Description 4th Grade


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If you follow my directions you will be able to draw my monster. First you draw a green oval in the middle of the page. Then two green dots above the middle of the oval for eyes. Next you want to draw a green smiley mouth like the letter C but on it’s side. Then a long brown skinny upside down triangle under the mouth. Two more brown triangles on the top sides of the head. Then two green ovals next to the triangles but closer to the top of the head. The two green legs are on the bottom of the body and have green clown feet. For the green arms you want short rectangles with three fingers on one hand. Have fun drawing my monster. Student Interpretation Original


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I have a shape like a horses head and it is on the edge of the page In between is two antennae. It has a purple horn, it has a spiky legs. Its color is red and purple and yellow. For it has a grey mane and it color is orange. It s head is facing toward you. For its body it is spotty. Its spots are blue and green. For its eyes is yellow and for the pupils is light blue with purple glasses. And it has pointy eyes. I now you can do it. Student Interpretation Original


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These are the directions for my monster. It is like a blob with a snake like head and a very fat belly. The outline is blue. It is clear on the inside so you can see the heart , veins and memory holder.The heart is like regular persons drawn heart and is red , and is on the right side of the fat belly.The memory holder is a colored in brown circle on the left across from the heart. The vein is red a red squiggle that from the heart to the top and to the bottom. Draw the brain in the snake like head. It is red and oval shaped. The eye is to the right of the brain.I hope that helps you create my monster cool. Original Student Interpretation


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It starts with his square head outlined with red in the center of the paper. Then on top of his square head lies outlined red horns colored in dark green. Then below his square head is his red outline arms with spikes leading up to his red gloves which are up in the air. Then below his arms is a big red outlined chest with 4 black curls on his chest. Then below his chest is purple smoke leading into a yellow outlined colored in black lamp with a purple colored in handle with a black dot on top of the lamp. Then on his face angry eyebrows with bumps for eyes because they are closed. After that is his mouth. The last thing first draw a circle then two sharp teeth on top and bottom. then a little black smoke coming out for his mouth for bad breath. And that’s how you draw my monster! Original Student Interpretation


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My monster has three red triangles for the head.Two triangles are next to each other and one is on top of those two.Then theres a black and blue eye in the middle of the triangles.Then theres a red cirrcular body that is about the size of the head.My monster has two rectangular arms.They are red too.He also has a hammer for a hand on his left.Even it is red.The legs are basically L’s.The L on the left is backwards and the L on the right is frontwards.Even there red.Good luck! Tip: He is completely red except for the eye. Original Student Interpretation


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My monster has a medium black square body. It has two vertical legs like rectangle that are also black. There are two arm like necks attached to the top sides of the body that are curved up. They are also black. Then white circle heads attached to the top of the arm. With oval mouths with fangs hanging from the top of the mouth they have smiley face eyes that are just a curved line. sharp cat ears that theres two ears on both heads. with little top hats on both heads in between the ears with a line in the middle in the top hat. Original Student Interpretation


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These are my instructions. I have one yellow leg and one blue leg .My legs are not straight lines. I have an upright rectangular body and I have four arms that are rectangles. 2 on each side. The out line is lime green and the inside is red. I have red claws. My head is a lime green circle with green horns and diamond shaped blue eyes and a u like mouth with blue teeth. and a red spiky tail, red spiky wings that look like knives. Original Student Interpretation


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Hope you can draw my monster! Draw a gray slanted square for the body. Draw 2 small squares for feet. Color them gray. On the right side draw a rectangle for one arm. Color the arm gray. Then draw a half circle do not color this. Add 5 fingers to the half circle. On the left side draw a rectangle that has a slanted outer edge. Color this gray. Draw an oval circle for his head. Color it gray. Add 2 dots for his eyes. He has no nose. Draw a sad mouth using an upside down letter u. He is wearing a black tie. Good luck! Original Student Interpretation


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Here is my monster,have fun drawing it .Make a half circle that is green in the middle of the page .Then draw a purple bow on the left of the green body and a blue bow on the right side . Now make three black vertical dot under each bow .Make 4 red legs on the bottom of the green half circle . Now draw three short black chicken like feet on the bottom of the red legs . On the left side of the body draw a blue line and on the right side a purple line on the other side of the body . Then put three yellow lines sticking out of the head and on each one. Put a dot for the eyes. Now draw an oval and draw a line through it, and the top half is purple and the other half is blue with a big red L shaped tongue sticking out of his mouth. Then draw three black dots for the eyes. On top of his head. I hope my description helps you draw my monster. Original Student Interpretation


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Drawing my monster.It has six long curved skinny arms on the end of each arm are big poofy balls And the square body is where the arms attach. On top of the body are three antenna, two are curved but one is straight up. they also have poofy balls on top. Next you have long skinny chicken legs and the inside of the square body is colored dark purple. It has three large green eyes and a long grown thats colored red. Outline the monster red and finally add feet to the chicken legs. Have fun drawing my monster. Original Student Interpretation


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My monster has ……… a orange half upside down head half circle half triangle. (triangle side on the bottom)His ears are skinny triangles,on the top of his head.He has one medium eye in the center of his head . (leave a space for the mouth below)The bottom of his mouth is basically a blue U. The top of the mouth is a smaller U. His hair is skinny orange lines that go in all directions across his head,(try to do a lot of hair).He has a red bow tie just below his head.His body is a skinny oval. His arms come out just below his bow tie. the arms are orange and have fat flower petal fingers.(3 fingers on right, 4 on left hand) His tail is skinny at first and then slowly gets turned into a square tip of the tail.(don’t just add a square at the end of the tail.)The tail is orange.The legs are the hardest part of my monster. His thighs and his ankles are very skinny but they are one cm wide . Both are orange.His feet are very puffy clouds( small ) colored in layers . Pink first , then purple,Blue,then green. HOPE YOU CAN DRAW MY MONSTER!!!!!! Student Interpretation Original


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Hey, want to see if you can draw my monster? Well, here are the directions. First, make a medium sized heart in the middle of the page which is all different shades of red. Next, make a dark ocean blue and make a blotchy outline around the heart. Then in the middle of the heart make a light blue oval about the size of a dime. Next, make six straight blotchy grass green legs on the bottom of the heart. Also, make sure that three legs are on each side and on the left side they are on an angle all the same length which about an inch long and on the right side the 3 legs are on an angle but the one closest it the bottom is the shortest. Then when you go up the legs get a little bit longer each time. On the bottom of each leg make a dark purple line about ½ centimeter to 1 centimeter. Now back to the inside the heart. In the light blue oval make 2 small purple triangle teeth on the top of the oval and color in the teeth with that same purple and then use that dark ocean blue to color in the rest of the oval. Then in the top of the heart make 4 eyes 2 in each bump that are small. Make the outline of the eyes purple and do NOT color them in and make it an oval shape. Now on the top of each bump make a thin line red. Make it about 1 centimeter long going up. Next make 1 heart about a size of a dime on each line. Make the outline red then color it in with a little darker red. Then make one thin rectangle on each side of the heart going out. Make the outline red then color it in with dark ocean blue. Hope you enjoy making my monster. Original Student Interpretation


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To start off you should make a gray Tic Tac candy shape in the center of the paper. Next you should make a red colored in shirt with room for the face.After that you should make 5 triangles on the head and color it in purple. Next you should make black stick arms with three fingers on the sleeves of the shirt. For the pants make plain shorts colored in black with three toes like the arms. Last the face has three football shaped eyes with a black pupils. Also for the face it has a 90 degree angle nose with two air holes to breath out of the nose. The mouth has a horizontal line with two triangles for the fangs. That is what my monster looks like. Student Interpretation Original


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Are you ready to draw my monster? well ,if you are, first, you have to draw a light -green medium sized stem-like body in the middle of your paper. Then draw two light green leaves for arms about mid body. After, put three brown match looking things with black small dots on each leaf arm. Fourth, make a yellow circular head, with baby blue eyes, a black nose and mouth and brown freckles. Finally put seven medium violet purple petals around the head, with a ring of black dots around the edges of the petals where the heads edges are. I hope you drew my monster right and good work kid! Original Student Interpretation



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