Film Report "Edward Scissorhands"


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Two writing tasks for "Edward Scissorhands"/ focus intollerance and difference

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! Writing ! ! After watching the film Edward Scissorhands, choose one of the topics below and write a text of 300 - 600 words. __________________________________________________________évrier_2010_059.JPG?uselang=sv __________________________________________________________ ! ! ! ! ! ! 1. People who are admired because they are different are usually not as strange as Edward. Write about a special person you have met of know or through the media. Describe what makes this person different and explain if this has led to good or bad things. __________________________________________________________ 2. In the beginning of the film people are interested in Edward. Later they to a want to use his talents and in the end this turns into fear and rejection. Write an essay where you discuss intolerance and use examples from the film. Write about how gossip, mistakes, and lies cause people to change they way they treat Edward. !



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