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E-portfolio Step by Step by P Bina at Touro College

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touro college academic computing department e-portfolio a guide for faculty and students prepared under the direction of dr issac herskowitz dean of the school of technology by payam bina and dmitry khanin 1


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table of contents project overview 3 creating a gmail account 6 creating a google sites account 7 sharing your site 9 editing and creating webpages 11 saving powerpoint presentation in .ppt format 17 uploading powerpoint presentations into google docs 20 inserting powerpoint presentations into google sites 26 compliance with nyc doe iaup internet acceptable use policy 33 optional adding your picture as the logo for your site 38 optional changing the theme of your site 41 online tutorials step by step online videos for different parts of this project what is an e-portfolio http www.youtube.com/watch?v=6b3tujxlbdk how to use google docs http www.youtube.com/watch?v=erque6ihtea how to insert content into google sites http www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhacodtmfbi e-portfolio assignment online includes instructions how-to videos and other useful information https sites.google.com/site/probationsite/home sample e-portfolio websites initial for edse 650 http sites.google.com/site/tourostudent10 https sites.google.com/site/efoliodima sample e-portfolio websites enriched over time with topics http schools.webhop.org/tourogmichelot http schools.webhop.org/touroemocharski 2


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what is an e-portfolio an e-portfolio is a collection of work developed across varied contexts over time and displayed on the world wide web the e-portfolio allows students and faculty to evidence their knowledge of course content and topics while simultaneously demonstrating their technology skills in edse 650 you will start on the path of creating an e-portfolio that is a coherent and logical website with multiple pages you ll learn how to effectively create an e-portfolio website add linked pages incorporate graphics powerpoint presentations and more you will also have the opportunity to add lessons educational links student activities and education-based content from other courses and later from your own teaching the e-portfolio you create will ultimately be a reflection of your knowledge and skills as an educator in many cases students who have shown their e-portfolio to principals have even been offered a position or a promotion below you can view student e-portfolios that have been enhanced over time to meet the needs of principals and students of public and private schools http schools.webhop.org/touromdavis1 http schools.webhop.org/tourongiordano e-portfolio project each edse 650 student is asked to create a personal e-portfolio website that will contain the following pages with the content indicated links to each page will appear on the left side bar 1 home page this is the most important page and should be completed at the end of your course 2 adaptive technology include the at presentation from edse 650 3 final presentation ­ include your final presentation from edse 650 4 educational links ­ a list of linked educational websites each with a brief description of each 5 additional topics pages from other courses may include a differentiated instruction b evidence-based instruction c iep d rti response to intervention e educational theories f my philosophy g my lessons consider adding videos of your lessons h links by subject math links literacy links science links etc 3


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create your e-portfolio site we use the google sites application for student e-portfolios students and faculty should first create a new gmail account please do not use your current gmail account the reason for this new account is that it will allow you to create a professional e-portfolio website which will not interfere with a current email account you will also be able to save assignments to google documents add video via youtube create online forms and so much more creating an account and naming your site 1 to create a new gmail account please go to www.gmail.com and choose sign-up for gmail 2 create a gmail account in the form touro+firstletterfirstnamelastname@gmail.com no spaces or capital letters an example for john doe would be tourojdoe@gmail.com if this gmail is not available add a trailing number such as 1 or 2 without spaces 3 create your e-portfolio website most important the name of your site should be touro+firstletterfirstnamelastname the site for john doe would be tourojdoe when you create your site please choose the simple template default nothing fancy later you may change the theme 4 if you have completed steps 1 and 2 above correctly something magical has occurred you now have an e-portfolio home page the address of your site will be http schools.webhop.org/touro+firstletterfirstnamelastname another example for john doe he created a gmail tourojdoe@gmail.com he created a site tourojdoe magically his new website home page address will be schools.webhop.org/tourojdoe there are numerous websites that will allow you to create custom content-rich websites however upon review we ve determined that google sites is the easiest to use and offers the 4


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best options many of which we will be using in edse 650 in the following pages you ll find instructions on how to create your e-portfolio site an important note iaup it is important to know what should not be on an e-portfolio site on page 32 in this manual you will be asked to review the iaup nyc internet acceptable use policy website and make sure that your site is in accordance with all its policies google accounts and gmail although you can open a google account with any email address or you may even already have a gmail account we strongly recommend creating a new a gmail account/address in the format described below following this format will give you one login name for your google account gmail google site and many other applications that google offers 5


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steps to create a gmail account 1 open your browser and type in http www.gmail.com 2 create a google account by clicking on the create an account link 3 make sure that you use this format to create your account your username should start with touro followed by the first letter of your first name and your full last name all lowercase and no spaces eg if your name is john doe your username would be tourojdoe if the name is taken you can put a number at the end of the username 4 fill out all of the information read google terms of service and click on i accept create my account 6


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5 follow the links to go to your email creating a google sites account 6 open your browser and type in https sites.google.com 7 log in with your gmail username and password the same one you just created above 8 click on the create site button 7


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9 confirm that the blank template is selected 10 in the name your site textbox type the same username that you created above for your sites account start with touro followed by the first letter of your first name and your full last name all lowercase and no spaces 11 type in the code that is shown 12 click on the create site button 9 10 11 0 12 0 13 once you click on create site you should see the window below 8


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sharing your website with your instructor and students in order to protect your information and because of college regulations we require you to make your site private you will share your site only with your instructor and students whom you choose your instructor will give you his/her gmail account and will provide you with students gmail accounts either in class or in a discussion board please note that you can always make your site public in the future if you choose to do so 14 click on the more actions button and click on share this site 15 uncheck the box next to anyone in the world may view this site click on the as viewers radio button and add your professor gmail account and any other student whom you wish to share your site in the text box provided make sure to separate the email addresses with commas when finished click on the invite these people button 9


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16 type in my edse-650 e-portfolio in the subject text box if you wish you can also include a message in the message text box when finished click on the send button 17 you will see the list of people who can view your site in the viewers section you can add more people to the list in the future if you wish to do so click on the return to site link 10


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editing and creating webpages 18 click on the edit page button 19 type in about me in the home text box in the textbox below include any personal information you d like such as educational background teaching experience interests hobbies etc click on the save button when finished 11


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20 click on the create page button 21 type in courses taken in the name textbox and click on the create page button 12


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22 write down a list of the graduate courses that you have taken so far with a brief description for each click on the save button when you are finished 23 create another page by clicking on the create page button 13


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24 type in educational websites in the name text box and click on the create page button 25 list all the educational websites that you used for your edse 650 course and any other courses that you ve taken there should be more links than the example below you can create links by simply typing in the full address of the desired site click on the save button when you are finished 14


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26 create another page by clicking on the create page button 27 type in edse 650 projects in the name text box click on the create page button 15



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