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TABLE OF CONTENTS Click on OF a section...use TABLE CONTENTSred arrow to advance Adzers Benders & Straighteners Bolters & Track Wrenches Clippers Drills, Rail Drills, Tie Grinders & Shears Adzers, Routers Rail Benders, Joint Straighteners Track Wrenches, Bolters, Impact Wrenches, Combination Bolter/Drill Clip Applicators & Removers Bonding Drills, Rail Drills Tie Drills, Dual Tie Drills, Portable Drills, Combination Drill/Bolter Hand Grinders, Stock Rail Grinders, Gap Slotter, Corrugation Grinder, Profile Grinders, Switch Grinder, Web Grinder, Grinding Sets, Weld Shears, De-Carbonizer, De-Scaler, Grindstones Pre-Heaters, Rail Knocker, Rail Heaters 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Heaters Pullers/Tensors Saws, Rail Spike Pullers & Spike Drivers Tampers Hydraulic Crane Carts, Trollies, &Trailers Track Laying & Renewal 8 Rail Pullers, Rail Tensors 9 Abrasive Rail Saws, Reciprocating Rail Saws, 10 Abrasive Saw Blades Spike Pullers, Spike Drivers, Tie Plugger 11 Ballast Tampers, Tie Tampers 12 Full Line of Hydraulic Equipment 13 Geismar 360 & Attachments 14 Various Carts, Trollies, Trailers & Carriers, Rail Trains 15 Gantries, Panel Renewal, Rail/Tie Positioner, Track Lifting/Slewing, Gauger, Tie Inserters, Ballast Regulators, Rail Trains, Tie Gangs Motor Cars, Catenary Vehicles, General & Special Use Vehicles Rail & Tie Processing Equipment Track Level/Gauge, Thermometers, View Finders, Rail Measuring, Snow Detection, Topometers, Various Hand-Held Instruments Jacks, Rail Adjusters, Wrenches, Augers/Reamers, Slewing/Swiveling Bars, Rail/Tie Tongs, Various Hand Tools Lighting, Generators, High Frequency, Rail Loader, Tie Loader 16 17 18 19 20 21 Specialized Vehicles In-Plant Equipment Instruments & Gauges Track Tools Miscellaneous **some items may not be available**


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ADZERS Model # DN-80 Name Adzer Corrects wide gauge problems. By cutting a strip in the tie on the gauge side of the tie plate, the rail can be moved to the correct gauge and re-spiked. Other uses include the installation of larger tie plates, shimming, and the removal of wheel marks from derailments. The carrier allows the ties to be adzed on the field or gauge side. Model # REEN Name Re-Adzing Machine For conditioning the rail seat of old ties without removal and for adzing new ties on track or in workshop. Back To Index


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RAIL BENDERS/STRAIGHTENERS Model # B-40 & B-60 Name Hydraulic Rail Bender Designed for bending and straightening flat-bottom rails. These hydraulic rail benders provide a total bending power of 40 tons or 60 tons respectively. JB-60-141 Rail Bender Model # JA-40 & JA-100 Name Joint Straighteners Hydraulic rail joint lifting machine designed to straighten vertically bent joints whether halted or welded. There is no need to remove the joint bar while operating. They are fitted with rail rollers for easy moving from one joint to another. Model JA-40 straightens bolted joints on rail up to 95 pounds. Model JA-100 straightens bolted or welded joints on rail that is more than 95 pounds. Model # JC-60 Name Rail Bender For straightening of rail end joints and elbow joints in curves without removing fish plates. Provides a total bending power of 60 tons. Back To Index


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RAIL BENDERS/STRAIGHTENERS Model # MP-90 Name Rail Bender For straightening and bending of switch points and rail. Offers 90 tons of total bending power; complete with hand pump. Model # MP-120 Name Rail Bender Horizontal and vertical bending by means of inverting jaws. Available with hand pump, gas engine, or electric motor. Back To Index


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RAIL BENDERS/STRAIGHTENERS Model # VO-406 Name Horizontal Rail Benders Designed to bend or straighten all types of flat bottom or grooved rails. Bends curves and reverse curves with no need of turning the rail or the machine. Model # VO-408 Name Horizontal Rail Benders Designed to bend or straighten all types of flat bottom or grooved rails. Bends curves and reverse curves with no need of turning the rail or the machine. Back To Index


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BOLTERS & TRACK WRENCHES Model # MIW-850-S Name Portable Impact Wrench (Gas) Flexible, lightweight wrench for use on all track maintenance bolting applications. Can also drill up to 1-1/4-inch holes in wood ties. Replaced with MIW-2 Model # Name MTM-HIW-4 Portable Impact Wrench (Hydraulic) Flexible, lightweight wrench for use on all track maintenance bolting applications. Model # BSR-8 Name Track Wrench The power to break frozen track bolts. A torque dial measures up to 1,800 foot-pounds of torque. The unit has a forward and reverse drive, high and low speed, and a traversing carriage. The bolt machine and traverse carriage are easily separated, making offtracking possible by two people. Back To Index


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BOLTERS & TRACK WRENCHES Model # T-2002 Name Dual-Headed Lag Bolter with Electronic Control Designed to meet the requirements of precise tightening for elastic vertical fastenings. Two-headed design allows a simultaneous tightening on both sides of the rail. Model # TB-2 Name Lag Bolt/Joint Fastening Machine Heavy-duty machine for track laying and track removal. The machine is comprised of an engine, a two-speed clutch-reducer set, a two-way pivoting head (one direction for vertical fastenings, the other for horizontal fastening) and a trolley with a traversing mechanism. Model # TC Name Bolter Compact wrench with high efficiency for tightening and unscrewing all vertical fasteners. Back To Index


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BOLTERS & TRACK WRENCHES Model # TDY-2 Name Hydraulic Lagbolt & Drilling Machine The TDY-2 offers dual functions in one unit. Designed for screwing and unscrewing lagbolts with precision while offering vertical drilling capability for either wood or concrete ties. Both the socket and the auger are fastened to the workhead by means of a ball-fastening device so that the tools can be easily and quickly changed. Model # TEM-2 Name Lag Bolt Machine Provides an economical means to insert or remove all types of vertical bolt fasteners. Model # TG Name Wrench Lag bolting machine fitted with a reaming device to clean the lag bolt housing and prepare for a new one. Back To Index


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BOLTERS & TRACK WRENCHES Model # TMI-2 Name Bolter Easy to handle and lightweight. Provides the torque necessary for all usual track maintenance needs. TMI-H Hydraulic Bolter Model # TPAS Name Lag Bolter Accurate lag bolter for all screw type vertical rail fastenings; lag screws, bolts, and particularly elastic fastenings. Model # TS-2 Name Lag Bolt Machine The two-speed TS-2 incorporates the features of simplicity, sturdiness and precision. The head is fixed and suitable for all types of vertical fastening. It is fitted with a four-wheel trolley with a traverse mechanism. Back To Index


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BOLTERS & TRACK WRENCHES Name BSR8 & TDY Accessories Sockets; Chucks and Drill Bits Back To Index


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CLIPPERS Model # AP-11 Name Clip Applicator/ Remover Base Unit A lightweight base unit. Economical. Light-duty. Various workheads are available for different applications. Model # AP-21 Name Clip Applicator/ Remover Base Unit The base consists of a four-wheel trolley with traverse carrier. Various workheads are available for different applications. Model # MEB Name Clip Remover For simultaneous removal of 2 "K" clips. Back To Index


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CLIPPERS Model # T1 Workhead for AP-21 T1 workhead installs and removes one “e” type clip on concrete ties. Model # T2 Workhead for AP-21 T2 workhead installs two “e” type clips on wood or concrete ties. Model # T3 Workhead for AP-21 T3 workhead removes two “e” type clips on either wood or concrete ties (must specify). Back To Index


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CLIPPERS Model # T4 Workhead for AP-21 T4 workhead is a conventional rail anchor squeezer. Model # T5 Workhead for AP-21 T5 workhead removes two Safelok clips on concrete ties. Model # T6 Workhead for AP-21 T6 workhead installs and removes two fast clip fasteners on concrete ties and will also install 2 Safelok clips on concrete or wood ties. An adapter for the T6 workhead is also available which will allow the installation of McKay clips. Back To Index


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RAIL DRILLS Model # GPD-BONDING Name Bonding Drill Lightweight; rail clamp assembly and single feed lever permits drilling in all rail sections; uses 3/8-inch or 9/32-inch bonding bits in a 1/2-inch Jacob’s chuck. Model # PR-3AA Name Rail Drill (Gas, Electric) Automatic or manual feed; single speed or 2 speed gear box. Able to drill through 136-pound rail in less than one minute. Model # PR-7 Name Rail Drill Manual feed; single speed; equipped with a removable coolant tank and hose for directing coolant to drill bits. Back To Index



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