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THIS INFORMATION IS INTENDED FOR ACCREDITED INVESTORS ONLY & SHOULD BE DISREGARDED AND DESTROYED BY THOSE NOT QUALIFIED OR AUTHORIZED. munications system owners, city and state municipal governments, public safety services, businesses, and corporate entities as well as owners of residential properties. Wytec uses a William H Gray suite of foundational patents, cutting-edge, proprietary technology, in addition to a newly less cost than those of our competitors. This allows Wytec to consistently achieve delivery of the highest data speeds in a powerful and scalable manner. To achieve its stated goals, Wytec’s business and operations have been strategically designed to form a syner- Wytec International, Inc. was formed in November, 2011 to create, design, manufacture, install, monitor, and maintain high-speed, next generation, proprietary, Wi-Fi Equipment, and solve a myriad of severe service and data delivery problems. These problems cause Data transmission at Mega Speeds 1


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The Problem 58% 42% 32% 20,000% IN THE LAST FIVE YEARS! Report from New York Times, Verizon Chairman, AT&T Chairman - New York Times - Ed McFadden, Vice President Verizon - Randall Stephenson AT&T CEO The undeniable fact is: For consumers, for businesses, and for entire communities, wireless data delivery speeds equals productivity...more information delivered faster. This saves time, money, Business 2


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How It’s Done Wytec utilizes proprietary technology inspired by its foundational networks. Wytec CBD Network Detail In February 2014, WeFi Inc., a market leader in mobile network management, Building Blocks 3


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Building Blocks – LPN-16 Wytec continues to scale the aforementioned network Link infrastructure that is licensed and registered with the FCC as well as protected from any competitor by government rule. In addition, the company also has created a "small cell" deployment strategy. Small cells as a service (SCaaS) are the future of telecommunications providers servicing cities. All major communications carriers are developing plans towards leasing bandwidth or buying entire Wi-Fi operations from cutting-edge enterprises, like Wytec, that have a SCaaS solution in place. Wytec has developed, designed, patented, prototyped, and is producing a small cell unit called the LPN-16. This proprietary innovation has been contracted for initial manufacture and development by the Cambridge Industries Group (CIG), a leading independent telecom supplier. By the end of 2013, CIG had shipped over 10 million broadband access equipment units to the name brand U.S. telecom service providers. only SCaaS unit that is capable of housing sixteen shared frequencies in one device, allowing us to service multiple carriers in one shared unit, at one transmitting location. This innovative most recent FCC Public Notice which announced a desire to expedite the access to public utility poles for the next generation of communications. At this time, Wytec is well positioned to participate in the SCaaS marketplace. "Spending on Small Cells As A Service (SCAAS) engagements is expected to reach nearly $15 billion following a 30 percent CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) over the 7 year period between 2013 and 2020." - SNS Research The LPN-16 can: 1 Power In 2 Power Out 3 Fiber Optic 10 Gigabit 4 5 6 7 3 2 1 same time from the same location Accelerate depth of coverage, especially in densely populated areas Improve end user experience by providing and extending delivery speeds Provide demographics, statistics, and metrics about users Take advantage of hundreds of thousands of available utility pole locations Extend the existing Wytec network infrastructure being built in major cities The Company believes that the LPN-16 will have a disruptive impact 4 Chassis Interconnect 5 Surveillance Cameras 6 Wylink Backhaul Link 7 Air Vent LPN-16 Bottom View Public Saftey City Government LPN-16 Image above is only a hypothetical example of the potential customers for Wytec. There are no existing service agreements. the device is timely, innovative, unique and takes advantage of our existing network infrastructure in multiple cities, government desire for implementation, as well as corporate and municipal needs for data services. 4


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Building Blocks - Utility Pole Strategy Other Provider Equipment Number of Radios Housed Mbps (Download) Speed Potential Revenue per Location Look and Compliance Industry Verticals Served Very Poor - Wytec Equipment LPN-16 16 1,331 Mbps $1,920 Excellent 5 5


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Building Blocks - Patent Portfolio FOR BUSINESS...GOVERNMENTS...RESIDENTIAL Wytec Wireless Speed Tests Conducted June 27, 2014 - Results are Fastest Speeds on Record. - - to do so. 6


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Sales of Services Wytec owns an installed, operating, rapidly scaling, data communications infrastructure created by honey-combing major cities with high-speed, have dedicated local sales representatives, as well as an in house Sales Wytec High Speed Communication Network BETTER BUSINESS. method using “in place” utility poles and a dedicated foundational patents, newly created patent pending equipment, proprietary software, and unique digital how all of these integrated elements establishes value Value Proposition Revenue Drivers Wytec Equipment Sales 7


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Wytec Equipment Revenue Forecast - Elements Considered Wytec markets and sells a host of supporting equipment to the LPN-16 including Carrier Grade Access Radios, Controllers, and backhaul equipment. To date, through its wholly owned subsidiary Wylink, Inc., the Company has sold more than $7 million in supporting equipment and services since its inception. to be generated in proportion to the LPN-16 and SCaaS Revenues. Wytec designs, develops, and markets a host of next generation wireless communications equipment and technology. LPN-16- a unique Small Cell device capable of transmitting sixteen (16) separate frequencies without interference from 1 location. XT3-900- 3x3 MIMO multifunctional outdoor access unit primarily for use by major carriers XT2-600- 2x2 MIMO outdoor high performance, dual radio designed for unlicensed spectrum AP designed for unlicensed spectrum IT2-600 2x2 MIMO high performance, indoor access point for unlicensed spectrum AC 10000- Carrier class wireless controller supporting the largest number of Thin AP units in the Industry Wytec Small Cell (SCaaS) Revenue Forecast - Elements Considered Because it can house 16 radios, the LPN-16 is capable of supporting multiple services with multiple streams of revenue potential. Wytec has estimated a total revenue potential of $750 per month per LPN-16 location with an average of 2.5 operator services being supported for a total of $1,250 per month per location. Due to its unique esthetic value and universal compliance, we believe we can with numerous presentations to local city governments as well as regional energy companies. To date, Wytec has negotiated and is contracting for temporary pole access with two regional energy companies and four local government entities for pilot testing the LPN-16 scheduled for 4th quarter of 2014. Cable Operator Mobile Operator Fiber Optic Operator City Utility and M2M This Operator provides mobile broadband service via Fiber To The Home (FTTH) and broadcasts primarily to the home in inside environments. This Operator provides mobile broadband service and broadcasts primarily to smartphones in an outside environment. This Operator provides mobile broadband service via Fiber To The Home (FTTH) and broadcasts primarily to the home in inside environments. This Operator provides licensed and unlicensed services and broadcasts primarily to outside devices such as public safety and meter reading services. Inside view of the LPN-16 8


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Management Team William Gray has more than 30 years of experience in corporate and business development, investment design and management, acquisitions and mergers. He has been extensively involved in the telecommunications industry for more than 20 years. His business history includes investment banking at Underwood Neuhaus, where Bill was responsible for engaging with some of the largest banks and pension funds in the U.S. tured securities for institutional portfolios in excess of $1 billion. He is known for his design and development of unique equity and debt securities as well as complex hybrid institutional investment instruments. William develops, designs, and structures William H. Gray - President and CEO optics, and wireless networks. He has executed the design, installation, and project management of many point-to-point and point-to-multipoint, Wi-Fi, licensed millimeter wave radio systems and wireless mesh networks. Bob has extensive experience in the installation of microwave dishes and supporting hardware on tower sites and rooftops. He has worked with and for major cellular carriers. He has managed teams of technical personnel, consulted and lectured as an expert in wireless technology. Angus Davis has been a senior executive and advisor in strategic operational planning and process improvement for 15 years. His area of expertise is in creating value, building high-performance teams, and leading sophisticated business transactions. As a senior principal with Rainmaker Marketing Corporation, he worked in the design and development of senior housing services and program management for private developers where he secured millions of dollars and recruited world-class executive management. Angus also led a project team of architects, attorneys, and specialized Orleans after hurricane Katrina. Angus helped design and implement the Americans Rebuilding America program which provides a multi-million dollar A-rated bonding facility for Service-disabled veteran contractors. Angus is also an army vet with seven years of service in the United States Army and Army Reserve. Currently Angus oversees the Company’s Intelligent Community strategy and public/private partnership alliances. Tina Bagley is Vice President, Operations, and advises the company in corporate tions. She also serves as liaison for all operations among the CCI, Inc. group of companies including CCI, WyLink, Inc., Wytec International, Inc., and Capaciti Networks. Tina has more than 25 years of experience in top-level operations and management for companies like Clayton Homes (a Berkshire Hathaway Company) and Palm Harbor Homes. She also built and executed a successful wholesale apparel business prior to forecasts, entrepreneurial thinking, recruiting/managing/retaining highly motivated team members. Michael Adzija is the Director of Sales Services for Capaciti Networks. He integrates all as well as coordinates sales funnel progress into actionable reports for management to review on a weekly basis. His operation's management experience with UPS, Program Management and Sales experience at AT&T, and Service experience in Outdoor Wi-Fi Networks allow Michael to make sure our sales operations are matters for Wytec. 10


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