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FREE There’s life in the Inner West! Issue 245 | October 24 2014 Our hidden hotels Dealing with alpha-female judgement Nicho St’s Horrific Halloween guide WIN! The Young and Prodigious T.S Spivet Movie tix: le, Distributed in Leichhardt, Annanda , town New e, mor Petersham, Stan Balmain, Drummoyne, Haberfield, Rozelle, Five Dock, Concord, & Summer Hill is taking over the Inner West! Must have guide to Norton St Festa VIVA ITALIA! Release your inner Italian I TA L I A N A U S T R A L I A N C U LT U R A L F E S T I VA L 30 OCTOBER > 15 NOVEMBER > ITALIAN FORUM CULTURAL CENTRE > LEIChhARdT w w w. d o u b l e b e l o n g i n g . c o m Untitled-2 1 25/09/2014 3:10:03 PM


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n Promotion Double Belongings A festival to explore two cultural identities that both run deep and, at times, together - Double Belongings is an artistic, intellectual and social event celebrating Italian Australians’ enormous contributions to the story of our Inner West community. The Festival, taking place over three weeks from October 30th to November 15th, will be held at the Italian Forum in Leichhardt. The events will include theatrical productions, pop music concerts, conferences, public lectures, art exhibitions and a film competition. Inspired by a group of individuals and cultural associations with a desire to promote Italian language and culture, as well as tell a few of the stories of la dolce vita’s introduction to Australia, Double Belongings is like no festival that has come before it. What does it mean to be born somewhere and belong somewhere else, or feel at home in the strangest of places? Put together in collaborations with three theatre companies, Italian migrant associations, numerous academics and artists, Double Belongings is sure to bring a whirlwind of ideas to the area once unquestionably known as “Little Italy.” Teatro! Liolá Saturday 8th November, 3.30pm and 8.00pm By Luigi Pirandello, Liolá is set in a Sicilian village in 1916. Most of the village is made up of women as their husbands have sought work elsewhere…except Liolá who finds the female inhabitants of the village too fascinating to leave! When an ageing landowner asks Liolá to provide him with a child from one of Liolá’s innumerable conquests, Liolá sees an opportunity to inherit the landowner’s estate for the benefit of his own sons. Although it might sound fun, this is a raw and poignant drama delivered in its native Italian by the Bottega D’arte Teatrale. Fools in Progress play at Commedia Dell’Arte The Elusive Scarf Saturday 15th November, 6.00pm Fools in Progress use all the hilarity of Commedia Dell’Arte to bring audiences a tale of love, mischief and utter idiocy to the Italian Forum. Pantalone, rich but (let’s face it) ugly, has become Innamorato with the most beautiful and poetic woman in town, Isabella. Isabella is Innamorata with the most beautiful and poetic boys in town, while Arlecchino, Pantalone’s Puk-like servant, really just has to deliver Isabella a very important scarf. Thanks to Arlechinno’s delightful clowning, and the scarf going M.I.A., the love triangle begins to rupture - as does the lovers’ sensibilities. This is one story you could understand in any language (it’s in English) and is great for bambini and nonnini alike. Musica! Cinema! Sunday 7th November, 8:00pm Reminiscing on the days of Italia’s ‘Film d’Autore’ and France’s cinematic ‘New Wave’, Cinema! is a concert of songs from the most well-loved European movies of the ‘50s and ‘60s. Sydney singer Nadia Piave and pianist Mauro Colombis have put together a nostalgic concert celebrating the works of Nino Rota and Georges Delarue and other canzoni who cannot be forgotten. This concert is for those whose heart has never skipped a beat for so long as when they saw Sophia Loren sing Hugo Friedhofer’s ‘Boy on a Dolphin’. Ah, let old hearts sing again! Serata Finale in Marmellata Musicale Saturday 15th November In what directly translates to “The Finale Night in Musical Marmalade” (or, the closing night ‘jam’) Double Belongings will take a bow with some of the most delicious voices on this side of Stanley Street. Headlining the night’s revelries is vocalist Virna Sanzone, known for her deeply soulful voice and technical prowess. Born in Sydney, to a Sicilian father and an Armenian/Chaldean mother, Virna has capitalised on her diverse musical knowledge to become one of the most acclaimed jazz singers in Australia. Nico Caruccio will also be making an appearance with all the Passata Day staples (such as the ubiquitous ‘Volare’), as well as up and coming Italian Australian performers of folk and melodic styles. The Double Belongings Team Conferenze! Callan Park Wild Food Walk Sunday 2nd November This lesson will take place, as the Romans say, in situ. Go for a family, wheelchair and pet-friendly stroll in the park with naturalist Diego Bonetto who will show you how to use locally occurring wild foods in your next meal. To some plantain, dandelion, chickweed and sow-thistle are a nuisance, to others they are a delicious salad and a seasonal treat. Learn all about the edible species growing in your garden, along the green belts and in parks throughout this interactive journey through Callan Park. E molto altro… Other highlights that are not to miss: • The conference on Italian playwright, poet and novelist Luigi Pirandello. Pirandello the Humorous Existentialist, Thursday 6th November by Dr. Madelaine Strong Cincotta • You can also catch one of Pirandello’s most famous comedies performed by Gli Emigrattori theatre companies. L’uomo, la bestia e la virtù, Thursday 30th October, Sunday 2nd November, Thursday 6th November, Friday 14th November • Photo exhibition capturing the evolution of Parramatta Road, by Italian Australian heritage photographer Emilio Cresciani. Cars, Brides, Pubs, Opens Wednesday 12th November at Leichhardt Library • Catch the Double Belongings short film festival entitled Il Viaggio. Saturday 15th November 11am-5pm n To get tickets to any of these events visit au.patronbase. com/_ACASydney/Productions or call 0412119061. For more information visit: Eugenia Falleni’s Corner Pepe Gaka makes a scene Saturday 2nd November, 2.00pm – 4.00pm On July 5, 1920 Harry Crawford was arrested and charged with the murder of his wife, whose body had been found off Mowbray Road in Lane Cove, Sydney. But Harry was not, in fact, Harry. He was Eugenia Falleni, a woman who had lived as a man in Australia for 22 years. In this unique and insightful lecture, delivered in Italian and English, Crown Prosecutor Mark Tedeschi will explore one of the most extraordinary criminal trials, and extraordinary accused persons, in Australia’s legal history. Capturing what life was really like in Eugenia’s times, Tedeschi reveals how the full weight of the law and public opinion came crashing down on her, branding her a complete outcast and a serious menace to the moral fabric of society. Mostre! Pepe Gaka Thursday 30th October, one day only! Madonnari are a type of street busker who, rather than using music, use paint to tell incredible stories. Traced to 16th century Italy, they were once a prominent class of artists who would serve as the muscle on big projects in churches and palazzi, then make money in the off-season by reproducing those frescoes on city pavements, to the awe and wonder of passers by. In the tradition of the Madonnari, Pepe Gaka will be recreating some of Italy’s favourite artistic moments on huge canvases to be dispersed around The Forum. All of his works will then be donated to charitable organisations. Marcello Araldi Free to be Exhibition opening Thursday 30th October 6.30pm, concluding November 15th Marcello Araldi always thought he would follow in the footsteps of his parents who migrated to Australia and became dedicated dairy farmers. However, a near-death accident changed all that and Marcello was set on the path of an artist. Marcello travelled extensively in Europe and the Middle East, visiting the culture and family in Italy his parents had left. He developed a huge interest in symbolism, spirituality and monasteries, all of which his art explores specifically utilising the technologies of Renaissance painting, such as fresco and gold leafing techniques. Diego Bonetto goes wild 2 Heritage photographer Emilio Cresciani


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I TA L I A N AUSTRALIAN C U LT U R A L F E S T I VA L 30 OCTOBER > 15 NOVEMBER 2014 i ta L i a N F O r U M c U Lt U r a L c e N t r e 2 3 N O r t O N S t r e e t, P i a z z a L e v e L L e i c h h a r d t M U S I C C I N E M A THEATRE CONFERENCES VISUAL ART Organized by foolsinprogressinc FIPS Sponsored by Untitled-2 1 25/09/2014 3:10:03 PM


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WE ARE C!AO Inner West whispers Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact... Prof Spurr not all bad, celebrity chef sighted, White Ibis named Bachelor of the Year l Celebrity Chef Heston Blumenthal was spotted Satire for the soul Righteous Rightie is left scratching his head at all the fuss over some robustly worded emails to close friends being made public. Dear RR – What’s your response to claims your email banter proves you are a racist, sexist, homophobic, classist, fattist, Islamaphobic, abilist reactionary? Are you at all embarrassed that the world now knows you send cyber missives such as: “I tell you what, Piers old boy, I haven’t got much time for those swarthy sand negroes but they’re onto something with sharia law. Allah knows, I’d be willing to wander around with my head wrapped in a tea towel periodically hurling myself on the ground to wail like a camel in heat if it meant I could cut off the hands of those little bogan housos up the road who keep helping themselves to lengths of my garden house to make bongs. It’s enraging enough my taxes support that malodourous, gap-toothed trollop who’s had eight different children to nine different fathers – now I’ve also got to muck around filing reports with some hairy-arsed lezzo policewomyn rather than just slicing off her revoltingly obese children’s meathooks with a broadsword?! Obviously that Papist Abbott is too busy holding petrol-sniffing corroborees with our Indigenous brethren to worry about the concerns of this mainstream Australian so here’s hoping the flintyhearted Ching Chongs introduce Tiananmen Square-style law and order when they inevitably invade! Anyhoo, must go, have to churn out a column for those unicycle-riding, yak-cheese-eating, Tony Jones-fellating Inner West tossers.” Latte Leftie, Petersham RR replies: At a time when that spunky Jewess Sharri Markson has revealed the media departments of the nation’s universities to be communist propaganda units, I’m perplexed that my witty personal correspondence has attracted so much attention. Surely, the true obscenity lies in tenured radicals denying the Christlike contribution of Rupert Murdoch to the betterment of humanity rather the refreshing plain speaking of a freethinking conservative intellectual such as my good self? n Email your dilemma to ADVERTISING Sonya Madden finishing a Meatball Melt and Chocolate Milkshake at a certain cafe on Darling Street in Balmain. In true Blumenthal style he then proceeded to flag down a very fat duck and rode full steam into Victoria Road traffic. What a tripper. Cultural Centre festers, curious locals (and thespians) have come up with a Facebook group to air their own queries as to what exactly has been happening on Co. As. It’s way to the forumforum (that was not a typo). Results from the court case are not expected till December, so the rest of us will just have to wait and see. searching for a new space to relocate their screenings, so if you have a spare warehouse handy please don’t tell us (or Leichhardt Council!) Prof. Barry Spurr case include that, oddly, he is l As the mystery surrounding the Italian Forum a committed animal rights advocate, having signed at least 12 petitions condemning animal rights abuses in the past three months according to activism website It’s a shame he obviously only extends that concern to very select members of the human race, most of whom seem to be dead white men. l Growing numbers of ibises in Marrickville JOURNALIST Max Kobras l The Mu-Meson archives are desperately l Further updates and complications to the has lead to a council crackdown, starting with an ibis survey to report sightings of the white, beaky creatures. Some unknown facts about this urban pest are that the White Ibis is native to Australia and is actually quite a romantic bird. (If you look beyond the garbage breath, weird guttural noises and the fact their beaks make a pash-sesh more like a swordsman’s duel). Not dissimilar to the richly nuanced courting processes employed by The Bachelor,White Ibises bow and offer their chosen mate a single twig, which they must accept, before flying off wing to wing to an exotic nesting location. FOOD Melissa Leong WINE Winsor Dobbin history This image depicts the traditional Norwegian interior of Woodbine Cottage, which is situated in the grounds of the Yaralla Estate and was built by the Nichol’s family who were the original owners. Although it has seen many alterations since this photo was originally taken, the exterior remains the same and it still stands in its original location. This will be just one of the many great sites to visit as part of the Yaralla Estate open day on Sunday 26th October. n Photo courtesy of Canada Bay Library ART DIRECTOR Eleanor Wales EDITORIAL Phoebe Moloney COMPLIMENTARY COFFEE HOME LOAN AUDIT ARE YOU GETTING THE BEST DEAL FROM YOUR HOME LOAN? Could you be saving more, or paying down your loan faster? Let’s have a chat over a complimentary coffee on me at a local café, and do a quick audit to see how much you could be saving. Your complimentary audit includes: ✓ A review of your mortgage structure & repayments ✓ An assessment of your current situation ✓ Recommendations to help align your home loan with your future goals Things we love: This idol of Hindu god of knowledge, Lord Ganesha, was found washed up on the Bay Run outside UTS Rowers by an eager-eyed walker. Each September, Hindus celebrate the festival dedicated to Ganesha by immersing their personal idol of him PUBLISHING Sonia Komaravalli AND Contributors: Jared Ingersoll, Nigel Bowen and Millie Cotes Illustrations: Paden Hunter Ciao loves you, and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent. We try and make you look your best. No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information. We welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions. The opinions expressed in Ciao Magazine are those of contributors, indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction. © All rights reserved. No material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. Ciao Magazine is a free publication. Distribution, advertising & editorial enquiries 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham 2049. (02) 9518 3696. Sonya: 0402 202 951 Sonia: 0405 509 805 Ciao is locally owned and produced. Please recycle. Printed by Spot Press, Marrickville Cover: Actors Fabiolia Bellegarino and Ludovico Rossi rehearse for their part in Double Belongings. Photo by Ben Cregan. Cover: Harry and Saskia Brettell with Princess Elsa from Frozen who will be performing at Haberfield Festa. Photo by Ben Cregan. The elephant in the river in a body of water. Khairatabad in Central India is renown for its three-storey tall Ganesha idol, which is immersed every year in the Hussain Sagar lake using cranes. Ciao believes that this Ganesha washed up from a similar (but smaller) celebration. n Thanks to: Chandra Lanka and Lianna Taranto C!ao’s voice In • The start of longer days • Anticipation for the dog show at this year’s Newtown Festival Out • Sharing a wall with your neighbours, especially when their children are learning to play the recorder • Increasing violence on King St during weekend nights • The news frenzy surrounding X Factor, please we don’t care • Old houses prone to flooding in the Inner West • Christmas decorations already coming out • Forgetting to tap your Opal card when you get off the bus Ruth Jones resi Inner West 0424 948 800 • Burlesque shows by women, with women, for women • The new indoor trampoline park in Alexandria • The Egyptian/ Moroccan style corn fritters at the Addison Road Marrickville Markets, great for a morning treat. • Mocktails www. C!ao Magazine There’s life in the Inner West! 4


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Lip or Chin $ 9 LASER HAIR REMOVAL Full Face FEMALE $ 39 39 89 Brazilian & U/Arms Half Legs $ SALE SKIN TREATMENT $ ACHIEVE RADIANT SKIN Firmer skin WITH FRACTIONAL RF JUST FULL FACE $ 279 Leichhardt Norton Plaza, Norton St (02) 8031 7739 Ends 27 November 2014 T&C’s apply. Ask us or visit our website for details.


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Community Life R OA D T E ST n Phoebe Moloney Nice Lodgings Tourists are staying in your suburb in houses like yours, except only nicer. Meet three houses your house could have been like, if only it had 10 rooms more, impeccable upkeep and an unlimited supply of potpourri. Oh, and plenty of well-mannered guests. I didn’t have the privilege of staying overnight at any of these heritage guesthouses but, unlike the majority of the Inner West, at least I now know they exist! Sydney’s skyline, is a magical experience. Unsurprisingly, the owners have recently decided to sell up and the property will soon be auctioned. At least it provides a good excuse to have a snoop around the premises before its golden gates are potentially closed forever. RANT The Female Once-Over It was so brazen, it was almost dissociative - did that really just happen to me? Yeah, unfortunately it did. The female once-over – the up and down, head to toe and back again, passing judgement and mean appraisal. And in this case, it was done with such bravado – an ocular flash, a purse of red lips. Does it matter where and in what context? It happened on a first meeting in a business setting in the Inner West. Cue rolling eyes from the menfolk reading this: ‘Women, you’re your own worst enemy’. Well, yeah, I agree…sometimes. We all check out other women. There’s the discreet look, the envious glance, the long, luxurious stare behind the blessed anonymity of sunglasses. It comes in so many forms and not all of them are aggressive, many are just day-dreamy and others are desperately curious. Sometimes it can turn into a friendly conversation and the exchange of details about hair stylists or clothes shops. I’ve seen little girls as young as two do it, assessing each other before deciding to play alongside one another. In this case it was an alpha-female moment: on a par with a female horned dung beetle fighting with a much smaller rival over a ball of nutritional goodness, and expecting to come out on top*. It was about female rivalry and how I looked: a blow of the most intimate kind from a stranger. And you know what I did? I politely smiled and ignored her grotesque rudeness. I refused to internalise her female once-over. Instead, I stopped myself from laughing out loud, and I felt sorry for her. That she had such a small soul and such a large horn – both dung-beetle-sized. That this queen of her little dung kingdom felt that she needed to protect it from me, to clearly state that she was a superior rival. But what startled me as well – because, of course, I’ve experienced the female once-over many times before to much lesser degrees (I have four sisters for God’s sake) – was that it happened in the Inner West. Isn’t avoiding that behaviour why we choose to live here? Because let’s face it, people, there are plenty of other places to live! (Try the Northern Beaches or the Blue Mountains for starters.) But we live here because we hope we’re living among like-minded people who embrace diversity and difference. More to the point, we hope we’re among like-minded women, all with similar-sized horns – and I don’t want to have to grow a bigger horn! *Researchers Nicola Watson and Leigh Simmons of the University of Western Australia, squared off female dung beetles (Onthophagus sagittarius) in a race for dung - a resource that provides nutrients for their eggs. Females with bigger horns but of similar body size were more productive; hence the evolution of the horn. Boronia Lodge, Burwood The Admiral Collingwood Lodge, Drummoyne This 1888 millionaire’s mansion, named in honour of British Naval Commander Admiral Collingwood (key to the defeat of Napoleon in 1805), is positioned exactly where such a mansion would be expected – overlooking Drummoyne Bay in a flourish of butter-yellow colonial imposition. Originally owned by Rum Rebellion plotter turned banker John Harris, The Admiral Collingwood Lodge has definitely got something of the Jay Gatsby vibe to it. Another grand old dame, the Burwood Boronia Lodge was built in 1910 and is a beautiful example of Burwood’s Federation architecture. Offering similar services to a city hotel, at a much cheaper price, guests flock to Boronia Lodge for its quiet suburban setting, amenities and proximity to the area's most over-rated tourist attraction, Sydney Olympic Park. Boronia’s biggest plus is its well-tended gardens which match the quaint lilac façade (although the hilariously photoshopped greenery on their website might lead you to think otherwise). Jennifer, Boronia Lodge’s manager, warns that it is definitely a place for the older crowd and is generally frequented by people visiting their families close by. Sitting pretty with the Admiral balcony. Even more impressive, however, is the offer of a free breakfast! Providing more of a hostel-style ambience, with a mix of dorms and private rooms, Cambridge Lodge welcomes a diversity of international and domestic guests, as well as longer-term boarders. Italians and Germans are common and, according to Brini, one of the Lodge’s very welcoming staff, Aussie guests come to stay at the Lodge for a variety of reasons, such as staying a night to fully enjoy a gig at the Enmore Theatre, to work nearby, or to have a comfy place to sleep after visiting loved ones at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. It now provides accommodation to an array of international and domestic visitors, many visiting well-to-do relatives close by or undergoing treatment at Drummoyne’s specialist digestive clinic. With a 70-80 per cent occupancy rate, The Admiral is performing well and the praise given by occupants suggests staying in the luxurious city-view room, which features four bay windows overlooking Cambridge Lodge, Stanmore On the rollicking street of Cambridge, smack bang in the centre of Stanmore’s unique mix of gentrified lushness and student grunge, Cambridge Lodge graciously straddles two very different worlds. It also incorporates some impressive architectural flourishes; I love its manoresque tower and expansive, sunlit You’d be barking mad to miss this! In its inaugural year, the Sydney Dog Lovers Show is coming this November and promises to be the ultimate event for all dog devotees. With great entertainment, education and interaction, this will be the ‘Festival of the Pooch’! Held at the Royal Hall of Industries and the Hordern Pavilion in Moore Park on the weekend of November 7-9 and with an expected attendance of over 20,000, this is certainly the event of the year for any true dog lover. There will plenty of stalls and exhibitors around on the day with heaps of free samples and Christmas specials, as well as plenty of experts to help you find the best breed for your lifestyle. On the day, make sure not to miss out on the great events like Dock Dogs, where pooches compete to see which one can leap the furthest into a pool of water, or the Pat-A-Pooch zone, where you can cuddle with dozens of different dogs. Whether you like big dogs or small, long fur or short, this is a guaranteed fun day out. ★ We have three FREE double passes to giveaway so to go in the running, email with your details. To find more information, visit What’s on n Compiled by Max Kobras. Email Thur 23rd Oct-Fri 7th Nov FREE Community are en ev ts listings (From the New Scientist, March 2010, ‘Females wear the horns in the battle for dung’ by Wendy Zukerman) n Words: Kate Daly Wednesday 29th October email info@ Attn: Nancy Laughs for Lifestart Curating Feminism masterclasses, lectures and speeches on top of the artworks exhibited. n For more info, visit Saturday 25th October Cirque du Skate Curating Feminism is the latest exhibit at the Sydney College of the Arts, but more than that, it is also a research project. It attempts to address ideas around the ethics of collaboration between the artist and the curator as, according to Associate Dean Dr Jacqueline Millner, “today, to curate is to create knowledge – not to merely represent, publish or exhibit”. This exhibition will feature seven curators working alongside an artist or art collective of their own choosing and the event will feature a range of 6 A titillating exhibit Roll up! Roll up! Come enjoy a carnival party that’s fun for the entire family! This weekend, the Inner West Roller Derby League will be holding an amazing circus-themed party, featuring everything from face painting and balloon animals to derby girl bowling (yes, you actually bowl one of the players at the pins!). Entry is free with all proceeds going towards the much-needed team uniforms, so whether you are after a fun day or just want to help out the team, make sure to come down to the Vic! n Vic on the Park Hotel, 1-6pm From 7pm at the Harold Park Hotel in Glebe, Sam Bowring, Dave Williams and an exciting mystery guest from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival will be kicking up a storm of side-splitting jokes. Tickets cost $40, with all of the proceeds going toward Lifestart, a charity organisation dedicated to helping children with disabilities and their families by providing them with the opportunities and support they need. So come down, bring your friends, have a beer, have a laugh and help disabled youths across Australia. com/FHXL or find out more about Lifestart at n Book online at www.trybooking. Dave Williams See page 8 for more what's on...


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Sunday 3pm October 26th $14 Guests $7 Members $7 Children (5-12 years) BACK TO THE TIVOLI


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n Local Gigs Friday 31st October n Local screens East of Ely Featuring some really infectious, feelgood synth-pop tunes and perhaps the best afro in modern music, East of Ely is hard not to like. You’ve heard this music before, but they are pulling it off better than most. I challenge you not to dance while listening to them. n The Annandale Hotel, Free FREE TICKETS Win double movie passes Journo on the job: "What? You cut off my byline!" Kill The Messenger With all eyes on the drug industry’s massive revenue base, many governments are eagerly joining the push towards legal cannabis. It's even a "progressive" cause, so the idea that there might be a problem with the State being actively involved in drug pushing must seem quaintly oldfashioned. Even back in the '80s, it was already happening – US authorities were using the cocaine industry to fund Reagan's foreign policies. They just forgot to tell us, and the story here is how a crusading journo called Gary Webb on a little-known Californian newspaper stumbled across the facts. As played by Jeremy Remmer, he’s naively reckless at first, and based on those events, Michael Questa’s (Homeland) drama is mostly true but very sobering. Webb’s account was Dark Alliance; The Story Behind the Crack Explosion and the movie’s title hints at what happened later. Sometimes dark forces win. Then, as now, the billions involved in the drug trade, and any governments that need it, will make sure of that! Money doesn’t talk, it screams... Just remember that, legalisers! CTC from Oct 30. A musical Bondi Hipsters Saturday 1st November Holy Holy Real blend of old and new styles with this two-piece. The production is really great as they meld and blend different sounds to form this fuzzy warm sound. A bit indie-folk, a bit dream pop, but definitely all good. n Newtown Social Club, $18 Sunday 9th November A child genius in the American heartland The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet 3D Pride This is such a strange story, a true one too – of an unlikely alliance of gay activists and Welsh coal miners in Thatcher’s Britain. Relax, it's not a political tract – just brilliant entertainment, you'll be smiling and wiping away the tears by the end. The activists (Dominic West, Ben Schnetzer) are rousingly triumphant, and that's fine – as nostalgic fantasy. In reality, the miners they helped lost everything in the '85 strike's bitter aftermath – their jobs, their tight-knit communities and their culture. And now even the coal they mined is hugely despised. CTC from Oct 30. Les Thomas There’s a lot to this man; while everything is firmly folk, he’s not afraid to play around within that genre. Throw in some pretty cutting lyrics (clear agenda to this music) and you got some solid tunes. Too many of his songs, though, are just him and his acoustic guitar when I’d prefer to hear more drums and bass. n The Petersham Bowling Club, $15 Working in 3D for the first time, Jean-Pierre Jeunet's (Amélie) trademark style of rich visuals, eccentric characters and surreal plots are all back again in this adaption of a Reif Larsen story. T.S. Spivet (Kyle Catlett) is a 10-year-old living on a ranch in Montana with his mother (Helena Bonham-Carter), cowboy father (Callum Keith Rennie), brother, sister and dog. A precocious child with a passion for science, he invents a perpetual motion machine and is awarded the prestigious Baird Prize by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. He leaves a note for his family and hops a freight train to make his way across the United States to receive his prize from the Institute's unscrupulous administrator (Judy Davis). But no one suspects that the winner is just a young boy with a very dark secret… Fresh from the Melbourne and Sydney Film Festivals, this magical film will be screening at Palace Norton St from Oct 30. M (Unpreviewed). CIAO's PICKS! ★ Thanks to Potential Films we have we have 10 double in-season passes to give away. Details below. "Perverts" go to the pits "Drum faster, you worthless pansy-ass!" The artiest craft in Balmain Kicking off on Friday 7th November is Balmain Art and Craft Show. This is a great opportunity to get a sneak peak at the artworks for sale, take part in the silent auctions and buy some raffle tickets for fantastic prizes available on the night. The real event will run throughout the weekend of November 8-9, featuring the highest quality contemporary and Indigenous art, a growers market for artisinal food produce, plenty of great craft vendors and a wide range of children’s craft and activities to keep them entertained through the day! The feature artist at this year’s event will be Michael Snape, a painter, sculptor and draughtsman who has been exhibiting across Sydney and Melbourne for 40 years! He works across an array of media, with a focus on steel and wooden pieces that create scenes of collective human movement and abstracted animal forms. Work by 2014 featured artist Michael Snape Whiplash J.K. Simmons (who once played the prison Nazi in the HBO drama Oz) is more like a boot camp marine sergeant than a music teacher in Damien Chazelle’s powerful drama about a young jazz drummer. He hectors, bullies and humiliates, violating every racial, sexual and personal taboo, in his conservatory classrooms, all (supposedly) to bring out the excellence in his students. Those scenes are incredible, almost unbearably painful to watch, which can only make us wonder: what sort of college would tolerate this? Andrew (Miles Teller), the talent he hopes to turn into a jazz great, is a young man with ambition of his own, but also quite a few personal issues. And that does give this complex film enough shades of grey to be a thoroughly satisfying, very thoughtful experience. The climax is astonishing. Like so many critics, you’ll feel like giving it a standing ovation. MA15+ on now. n More local movies: n For more information on the Balmain Art and Craft Show go to Friday 31st October Vino Paradiso n For more info or to make a booking, visit Saturday 1st November Calling all discerning food and drink enthusiasts, the inaugural Vino Paradiso Festival is coming to Sydney and bringing with it an unparalleled opportunity to select and enjoy the greatest range of Australian wine, craft beer, cider and food. Hosted at the Australian Technology Park, with an incredible design-savvy, lounge bar styled environment, visitors will be welcome to participate in progressive masterclasses hosted by leading experts, n For more info, visit or just kick back with a cocktail in one hand and a delicious meal in the other! Saturday 1st November towards creating an environmentally conscious community club, and specifically their recent installation of solar panels, the Petersham Bowling Club is hosting a FREE festival! Featuring a fantastic bevy of info sessions and stalls on sustainable urban living, such as learning to grow your own veggies and how to make the most of your rainwater, as well as some great live music throughout the day, this Eco Fest will be fun and informative for the entire family! resources wherever you can, so why not in art? Reusing materials limits the environmental impact of landfill, saves you money and the limitations will help bring out your inner creative designer. Make Art, Not Waste. n Bookings are essential, visit www. artists come together to present an exhibition of drawings, paintings and mixed media as a liquid continent emerges in this intimate selection of hand-generated works. Oscillating between the tangible and the abstract, the immediate and the ephemeral, a form of gentle unknowing takes root. This exhibition will be running until the end of January, RSVP is essential to attend the opening night. n Brixton Lounge, 95 Glebe Point Road, Glebe Recycled Art Class Eco Fest at the PBC To celebrate the steps they’ve taken 8 Come to the Concord Community Thursday 6th November Centre to learn how to reuse secondhand materials to create artistic, Viscosity sustainable sculptures. Effective Referencing interior and exterior sustainability is all about saving bodies of water, four New South Wales Surface Tension by Cathryn McEwan WIN DOUBLE MOVIE PASSES To be in the running to win double in-season passes to The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet, just email your name and contact details to telling us where you picked up your copy of Only at the movies Oct 30 Ciao. Remember to include a postal address. Good luck! n Reviews – Russell Edwards


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Household Chemical Cleanout Day Dispose of your chemicals safely and for FREE! Brew er St Massey Park Golf Course Edwards We will be hosting our annual Park Chemical Cleanout day for Inner West residents on Saturday, 1 November. Recycle your food scraps CUT YOUR IN HALF & n ellba Accepted W materials (20kg and 20L limit): y Rd Majors Ba k St Greenlees Park DATE Saturday, 1 November TIME 9am-3.30pm WHERE Cintra Park car park, ve Empir eA • Solvents and household cleaners Jesse • Batteries - from cars, toys, appliances etc • Motor oils, fuels and Rothwell fluids Park • Paint and paint related St products rson Pate • Pesticides and herbicides • Poisons • Gas bottles • Fire extinguishers • Pool chemicals • Hobby chemicals Goddard • Acids and alkalis Park Greenlees Av e Crane St, Concord Salt de Ian P Reserve • Fluorescent light globes and tubes Stewart For information year round on the safe disposal of chemicals please vcall the INFO HOTLINE on 131 555 or visit: St Br ou gh ton St Rd Cr t Queen Elizabeth Park Cra ne St an eS Ly Golf Course on sR dW es t Barnwell Park Bu rw oo d Leichhardt Mayor, Rochelle Porteous invites residents from Balmain, Birchgrove, Rozelle, Lilyfield, Leichhardt and Annandale to attend a public meeting to inform and discuss the State Government’s development plans for the Bays Precinct, including “The Rozelle Rail Yards, White Bay, White Bay Power Station, Glebe Island, Rozelle Bay and Blackwattle Bay”, and the implications for residents and businesses located in the Bays area. Leichhardt Council has long been calling for a Master Plan to be drafted for the Bays Precinct to ensure development is for the whole community. The public meeting is your opportunity to ask questions and become more informed on what is happening on your doorstep. For more information contact Veronika Lipkova at the Mayor’s Office on 9367 9217 or visit The Bays Urban Renewal Program Project Corridor and Precincts (Source: Urban Growth NSW website) • Leichhardt Council • 7-15 Wetherill Street Leichhardt • Ph 93679222 • Fx 93679111 • • • • • facebook/LeichhardtCouncil • twitter@leichhardtmc • Flave t lle S Concord Public School ENTRANCE Gip Concord High School ps St Cintra Park car park St Lukes Oval Cintra Park a compost bin or worm farm Get 50% o a compost bin or worm farm from your council, recycle your food scraps and watch your garden grow! O er open to residents of Ash eld and Leichhardt Councils. This project was supported by the Environmental Trust as part of the NSW EPA’s Waste Less, Recycle More initiative, funded from the waste levy. 50 % *RRP * OFF + FREE DELIVERY St Lukes 1a Marlborough Street Park Drummoyne NSW 2047 Tel 9911 6555 Fax 9911 6550 Will you be the 1000th Defender of Our Land Water and Future? Bays Precinct Community Meeting Wednesday 5 November 6.30pm to 8.30pm Balmain Town Hall Join us at Italian Festa to find out! Our local action group Defenders of Our Land Water and Future has surveyed over 900 people in the Balmain electorate on attitudes to coal and gas mining in our drinking water catchments and productive farmlands. We have found that overwhelmingly residents want “no-go zones” for these invasive industries in our state’s special areas. Add your name and help us declare our area coal and gas mining free! You can also do the survey online here: 9


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n Norton Street Festa 2014 Norton Street Italian Festa The biggest street party in the Inner West, with an Italian twist! The Norton Street Festa celebrates its 28th year with fine Italian produce, concerts, dance competitions and the best coffee, gelato and pizza in Sydney. Head down to our very own ‘little Italy’ on Sunday the 26th of October for a slice of fun. It’s no surprise that the Norton Street Italian Festa has made it to its 28th year, as each year’s festival manages to surpass the previous, in entertainment, food and atmosphere. This year is no exception, with over 240 stalls and three entertainment stages, it is set to be the best party yet. Events producer Patrick O’Reilly aims to bring the festival “back to its roots” with a concentration on authentic Italian cooking, entertainment, fashion and coffee - without the garnishes of a generic carnival. We bring you the highlights of this year’s Festa, which will have you loosening your belts and celebrating the best of Leichhardt. The best of the Fest! For the kids It won’t be hard to keep the kids happy at the Norton Street Festa, the day will be spilling over with carnival rides, rock climbing, jumping castles, puppet shows, roving stilt walkers, animal farms, face painting, dancing competitions and more. If you have a budding Michael Jackson at home why not bring them along to watch the Nikki Webster Dance School performance in the morning. Alternately, Co.As.It will be holding a children’s story time, read in both Italian and English. Auto Festa Just like Nonna makes it If you’re a car fanatic make sure you don’t miss the Auto Festa, where you’ll be privy to Sydney’s largest collection of classic, vintage and contemporary Italian models. The collection boasts over 1000 Italian-made automobiles and motorbikes, with renowned names like Fiat, Lanica, Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini, Ducati, Moto Guzzi and Vespa. If you think you’ve got a car worth displaying, or always dreamt of taking part in the Auto Festa, bring your automobile along participation is free. Throughout the day the cooking stage will play host to a number of masters in Italian cuisine, however, if you want to learn from the real pros be sure to check out the popular “Nonni in Cucina”. An event where local nonnas will take to the stage to share their secrets and traditions in preparing classic Italian dishes. Not only will you have the opportunity to share in their best kept secrets, but also their food! Tasting session will be held after the demonstration. Ciao’s Battle of the Baristas Which Inner West suburb has the best coffee you ask? Ciao seeks to answer this much contested question with our very own battle of the baristas. Starting at 10.30am, the competition is spread out over the day with four different heats, with the winner announced at 4pm. We have invited entries from coffee shops across the Inner West to find out who has the best baristas and beans in the business and finally lay the question to rest. As spring settles in and the weather begins to heat up it’s time for a whole new wardrobe. Luckily Ciao’s Norton Street Festa fashion parade is back this year with all the latest in what’s hot this spring and summer. Ciao’s spring fashion parade Get in the fashionable festive spirit Nothing like a Nonna-cooked meal This year the festival will include some of Leichhardt’s best local designers and boutique stores, offering a range of inspiration for all budgets. Stores include MIA on Norton, Meshea’s Boutique, YaY Yoi’s and selected outlets from MarketPlace Leichhardt. There’s stylish and sophisticated looks that could be suited for a day at the races, perfect inspiration for the upcoming spring racing season. Or see what you can rustle up from local vintage stores like Newtown’s Red Cross, where a budget find can become your new favourite wardrobe item. Get up to date with the latest trends this season, from floral prints to white lace and pretty pastels to maxi dresses. Get an Exclusive 10% Discount! 2015 Earlybird Sale Now On! DAH35_FESTA_16Oct14.indd 1 Visit us at Norton St Festa for 10% off Italian Car Hire & Motorhome Rentals* 1300 723 972 *Conditions apply 10/17/2014 1:04:02 PM Specialists in Small Group Tours Intimate and Unforgettable Italian Journeys Early Bird Special* - 5% off all 2015 Tours Contact Jim and Lynette Romagnesi at, call (03) 9018 6624 or visit *Offer ends November 30th 10


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Tour Italy If The Norton Street Festa leaves you wanting more of a taste of all things Italian, head to Italian Delights, which offers a range of specialized Italian-themed tours without even having to leave Australia. It offers everything from a Melbourne Gelato Tour through Lygon Street and Sydney Road, to a three-day tour through regional Victoria where you’ll indulge in the best of Italian wine. As well as offering tours in the real Italia. The tour groups have consistently small numbers, allowing an intimate environment where you can learn all you need to know about Italian culture, food and wine. Experience the real Italy in your own backyard. Get in quick as this month they are offering a 5% discount off their tours. n Italian Delights: Ph (03) 9018 6624. Playing the Tarantella Napoletana on the old piano accordian Multitalented Silvia Colloca does a roast Spot a celebrity chef At the Festa you’ll not only be spotting celebrities but tasting their food and learning their secrets. Luke and Scott from My Kitchen Rules will be making an appearance demonstrating just how good healthy food can taste with Italian inspired recipes from their Clean Living Cookbook. Silvia Colloca, actress, opera singer and cook book author, will give you a taste of Abruzzo, where she spent most of her summers growing up. If you’re lucky she might take a page out of her own cooking book with dishes like homemade cannelloni with ricotta and spinach. Grandparents Day at the Festa A Royal Raucous It’s no coincidence that Grandparents Day coincides with the Norton Street Festa and it gives us all a well overdue opportunity to thank our grandparents, whether it be the nonnas on stage imparting their culinary wisdom or all grandparents taking their grandkids along for the festivities. There will be a stall handing out ‘Happy Grandparents Day’ balloons, a photo booth where you can capture special moments or DIY cards for the kids. The Grandparent of the Year awards will be presented by Premier Baird on the Ciao stage at 11am. The recently revamped Royal Hotel on Norton Street will be hosting a spit roast for the Festa, and serving up ham-off-the-bone rolls with fresh lemonade from their new Cocktail Bar and Bistro, the Royal Botanical. They will also be hosting a classic pub raffle, where, if you sign up to their Social Club, you could go in to the running to win a Webber BBQ and meat tray. The Royal Botanical will be offering its full menu from 9am onwards so tuck into some of their twice-cooked fries or a bucket of hot wings, or dig into their delicious pear and frangipani tart. One of Silvia’s pasta creations Discover the delights of Australian-Italian culture entary ks m i l p m Co e chec v r e N and Street n o t r o ial N ta A Spec ffer for Fes O Festa s Patron al Speci er Off Festa Spine Do you suffer from: • • • • • • • Back Pain Neck Pain Althritic Pain Headaches/Migraines Fatigue Postural Problems Disc bulges Would you like Help? The Back Dr Team is offering Spinal Health assessments which include: • C  onsultation and check up with Chiropractor Dr Andrew Broughan • S  pinal and postural assessment • Digital muscle scan • Full spine xrays • Follow up report of findings •  Speak to Dr. Ryan for a Special Festa Offer Contact us on 02 9560 1300 or email us at Mention this advertisement to take advantage of this exclusive offer. No time limit. No Obligations. 11


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n Norton Street Festa 2014 Local deals Drive Away If The Norton Street Festa inspires more than just a sense of community spirit in you and you’re thinking of taking a trip for to the real Italy, make sure you contact Drive Away Holidays for a hire company that you can rely on. Drive Away Holidays are renowned for their good deals on car rentals, offering their services in up to 130 countries. Head down to Norton St Festa and visit their store to receive a 10% discount on all car and motor rentals. n For more info phone 1800 356 594 or visit All Things Italiano! Also making it to the Norton Street Festa are representations of luxury Italian creations, so if you know a snobby Italo-phile or two you should bring them down for some titillating taste testing and window shopping. Prosecco For starters, get guzzling (in moderation) at the Zonin Prosecco Bar. You will be able to sample their famous Prosecco nude or in a Bellini cocktail. Casa Vinicola Zonin is known as the largest private vinyard in Friuli and the Zonin’s family history as vintners dates back almost 200 hundred years. Known as the wine that sparkles, be sure to have a drop as you are making your way through the festa’s stalls. will be showcasing her collection of bespoke, handmade creations. She is well-known for her craftsmanship with a range of materials including Austrian Swarovski crystal, Czech pressed glass and Indian glass but is especially known for the delicate designs she makes with Murano Glass beads. Big Fight at the festa At Festa, members of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) will be fighting for your entertainment in highspeed, full-contact and un-choreographed gladiatorial combat! There might even by lions, oh my! A special contingent of the Society for Creative Anachronism, which is all about exploring lifestyle practices, arts and activities from ages gone by, will be recreating the reality of Gladiators in Ancient Rome. They will be wearing specially created armour on the day and using wooden weapons that will allow the fighters to throw blows at full speed without the once very real and intended risk of dismemberment from sharp steel. Known as the fiercest fighters in the Kingdom of Lochac – which covers Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica – come check out the SCA Gladiators in all their gory glory, we can guarantee it will be a thumbs up. And a real throw down. The Back Doctor The Back Doctor is one of the many outstanding businesses that Leichhardt has to offer. They provide practical and affordable chiropractic care that focuses on the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle, helping reduce the risk of pain from occurring in the first place. Ph: 9560 1300. n Where: 138 Marion St, Leichhardt. Mustazolli and Miele Traditionally handed out during saint processions in Calabria, Mustazolli is a simple southern Italian treat that carries a scent of nostalgia for the homeland. Casa Di Miele has been making Mustazolli, or honeybread, for three generations, spreading it around innumerable community festivities and festas. Like all Italian desserts it goes wonderfully with coffee or tea and can be served with ice-cream. Mediocrity is a sin Alfa Romeos Murano Glass Ok, no taste testing at this stall. The enthusiastic members of the Alfa Romeo Club will be celebrating the Club’s 40th Birthday at the Festa with early Alfas from the Club on show, as well as the very latest – Alfa Romeo Guiletta – making an appearance with the help of Leichhardt Fiat Alfa. The club was established in 1974 with 40 members, and 40 years on they now have close to 700 members. It provides social, technical and motorsport activities for enthusiasts, and defensive driving lessons for learner drives. And damn, you’d want to be defensive if you were driving one of these babies. For more carperving be sure to check out the Auto Festa which will also be zooming past on the day. Murano Glass or more commonly known as Venetian Glass hails from Murano Island in the Venice Lagoon. The well-known glassmakers of Venice moved their trade there in 1291 as their ovens and torches were considered a fire threat to the densely populated city. Glass blowers remain on Murano till this day. Drive away in Italy At Festa for her fourth year and celebrating her 60th birthday, jewellery desiger Renata, The last gladiators Charcoal BBQ Specialist in Leichhardt SMOKERS SKEWERS SAUCES C BBQAroma’s MAN CAVE is located at 425 Parramatta Rd Visit us and Discover our: - range of Aussie made natural charcoal fuel - Italian made multi level barbecues, - different types of food smokers, - smoking woodchips, pellets, chunks, etc, - wide selection of charcoal skewer grills, - Rotsiseries, Spits & accessories - HOT chili sauces & BBQ Rubs TEL:800 Nearest to Renwick St which runs parallel to Norton St in Leichhardt M Open Monday-Saturday between 10am - 5.30pm CUBO Fabrica Spiedini Y CM MY CY CMY K Spiedini BBQ 333 25 Get on down to the Ciao stage at Norton St Festa for some coffee, fashion and official speeches Program of Events Sponsored by Ciao Magazine 10:10  Co.As.It - Children’s Story Time in Italian and English 10:30  Barista Challenge Heat 1 - Presented by Grinders Coffee and Ciao Magazine 11.00 Official Speeches  Mike Baird, Premier of NSW, official presentation of Grandparents Day Awards 11:45 Co.As.It – Italian Language Food & Wine Master Class 12:15  Barista Challenge Heat 2 - Presented by Grinders Coffee and Ciao Magazine 13:00 Ciao Spring Fashion Parade - featuring local boutiques 14:00  Barista Challenge Heat 3 - Presented by Grinders Coffee and Ciao Magazine 14:30 Co.As.It - Children’s Story Time in Italian and English 15:30  Barista Challenge Heat 4 - Presented by Grinders Coffee and Ciao Magazine 16:00 Barista Challenge Winners Announced COME & ENJOY GREAT FOOD, DRINKS & SOAK UP THE FESTIVAL ATMOSPHERE! SUNDAY 26TH OCTOBER, FROM 10AM 12


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SUNDAY 26 OCTOBER 2014 - 10am to 5pm One of Australasia’s largest Street Festivals….and it’s Italian! 125,000 people | 240 stalls | Entertainment Stages Cooking Stages | Community Stages | Auto Festa Animal Nursery | Roving Entertainment | Kids Rides Nonni e Cucina Cooking Competition Now in its 28th year! 2 Tickets to Italy (either to Rome or Milan) flying Cathay Pacific 7 Day Mediterranean Cruise from MSC Cruises Escorted Tour in Tuscany or Rome by Perfect Traveller Organised by the Leichhardt and Annandale Business Chamber LABC Sponsors Leichhardt Fiat Alfa


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Haberfield Festa 2014 Sunday 2nd November What’s On 11:00am - Official Welcome 11:05am - Schools of Haberfield 11:30am - Elsa, Anna & Kristoff Winter in Haberfield 12:00pm - Message from John Sidoti and Jamie Parker 12:05pm - Shine Dance Academy 12:20pm - The 80s band 12:50pm - Fashion Show 1:00pm - Message from Ashfield Mayor Lucille McKenna 1:10pm - Born Again Elvis 2:00pm - Pasta Competition 2:30pm - Lucy Kiely & Band 2:50pm - Fashion Show 3:00pm - Raffle Draw 3:20pm - Operatic Highlights 3:50pm - Official Farewell A SHOWBIZ SPECTACULAR It has been 14 years since the inaugural Haberfield Festa, an Italian style community festival that celebrates all the best that Haberfield Village has to offer, and this year’s event looks ready to outdo all that has come before… While the rest of Sydney is very quickly heading into summer, there will be at least one more cool day in the Inner West with Winter in Haberfield. Featuring your favourite songs from the hit-movie Frozen, the princesses of Arendelle, Elsa and Anna, will be joined by Kristoff the ice trader for this one-off live performance at Haberfield Festa, sure to bring a smile to all. After their performance, make sure you head to the Festa Photobooth to get a commemorative picture taken with them, as well Iron Man, Captain America and Spider-Man! If you’re more into kings than princesses, make sure to check out Born Again Elvis! Mark Borg is a Sydney-based entertainer who has been an Elvis impersonator since 1985 and even won Best Elvis at the Grave Brothers/BMG Artist of the Century Competition. More than just a dynamite impression of the King’s voice and style, Mark Borg also captures the sensitivity of Elvis and connects with his audience like no other. Festa Raffle At this year’s Festa we are thrilled with the support from local businesses that have been very generous and provided an amazing array of prizes. 1st Prize: Air India Return Economy Air Ticket to Italy, courtesy of Viatour Travel Haberfield 2nd Prize: Family Voucher for General Services at White Leaf Dental valued at $1000 3rd Prize: $500 Gold Bracelet from Campione Jewellers, Haberfield Elvis has entered the building 4th Prize: Dine In Style - Dinner at Dolcissimo for two, Righetto and La Disfida 5th Prize: Dine In Style - Dinner at Il Locale, Napoli i Bocca and Estilo Buenos Aires 6th Prize: Celebration pack - Jumping Castle Hire for the Day from AMOK Party Hire, Party Pack from Mushi and Boo 7th Prize: Dinner Party Pizzazz - Lamonica Homewares Cookware, Zanetti Voucher, Gojak Meats Voucher, Mushi and Boo Flower Voucher 8th Prize: Wine and Cheese Hamper - Paesanella Voucher, Franks Fruit Market Voucher, Porters Liquor Haberfield Cellars - Case of Wine 9th Prize: Coffee and Chocolate Bliss - Galleria Coffee Vouchers, Saffioti Gift Voucher, Single Rosetta Coffee Bundle 10th Prize: All about you - Haberfield Naturapath Voucher, Rozzi Boutique Gift, Lorena’s Boutique Gift There will also be some great local performers throughout the Festa including The 80s band and Lucy Kiely. The 80s are a group of four school boys who will be performing covers of the hottest hits of the ‘80s such as “My Sharona”, “What I Like About You” and “White Wedding”. 23-year-old Lucy Kiely is an outstanding vocalist who has been performing across Sydney for the past five years. Her repertoire ranges from classical jazz, to contemporary jazz, funk and soul and will put a bounce in anyone’s steps. Of course, there will also be a load of great stalls, food, games and displays on offer across Haberfield Festa, including plenty of entertainment for the kids like jumping castles and craft stalls. A rocking raffle will also be going off, so snap up some tix fast! It’s a high-powered schedule Haberfield - Foodie Central Haberfield is well known for it’s delicious traditional Italian food. With the very best of Italian chefs and providores showcasing their delectable treats you should make sure you are ready for a feast. Pizza Sydney’s best pizzas can be found in Haberfield. It can be difficult to decide which is best, so we suggest trying them all and doing a bit of a taste test. Goloso can be found in the old post office. It’s a lovely old building with a nice big pizza oven that pumps out beautiful fresh doughy pizzas. The signature Pizza al Metro follows an authentic Napolitana tradition, where there are fewer ingredients (tomato, basil and mozzarella) but maximum flavour. The Sweet Stuff Ladisfida has a waiting list most Friday and Saturday nights. This is not only because of the super hot pizza chefs but also because of the super fresh ingredients. Using only seasonal produce and a menu that changes daily, pizzas on Festa day are a must have. Napoli in Bocca is a family owned and operated. With traditional red and white checked tablecloths, a Florentine-inspired artwork and chefs shouting loudly in rapid Italian, one would be forgiven for thinking they were in Italy. Go for the rosemary and potato pizza. La dolce vita! Rino Saffioti is much loved by the Ciao folk. Serving up devine chocolates (66 per cent cocoa) in all sorts of flavours – vanilla, strawberry, salted caramel – Saffioti’s 20 years as David Jones’ premium chocolatier have catapulted this wonderful Haberfield business to national stardom. Rino is also good mates with John Crowl, owner of Cow and the Moon, who has taught him how to make delicious gelato. Pasticceria Papa is home of the baked ricotta cheesecake. Do not leave Haberfield without trying it. It is truly delectable! Cheeses and Meats Paesanella Cheeses are the finest Italian cheeses in the country and that is no exaggeration. Wholesaling to the likes of David Jones, many of the top restaurants and other fine food providores such as Simon Johnson, the Paesanella story is a true rags to riches story. Umberto Somma arrived in Sydney in the 1950s with no more than a few shillings in his pocket, and all he wanted to do was introduce Australia to the his traditional fresh specialty cheeses. Umberto would work late into the night walking door to door selling his freshly made cheese to the new migrant population. Today the empire spans a fabulous food emporium in Marrickville, a café and mighty wholesale business. Do not miss sampling these cheeses at the Festa. Also worth stopping into is IGA Lamonica, where all the local nonnas go to buy their fresh meats (remember to say fine, fine in an Italian accent meaning thinner, thinner – all the meats must be sliced nice and thin making a better taste sensation.) That’s amore! 14 Want Somma cheese?


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