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An information booklet for prospective parents and students of St Mary's School, Wanganui

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        INFORMATION  BOOKLET  2014    


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NAU  MAI,  HAERE  MAI   WELCOME  TO  OUR  SCHOOL   We  love  our  school  and  we  know  you  will  too.  We  care   about  every  child  and  we  know  every  childs’  name.  We   know  exactly  what  they  need  to  learn  to  be  successful   and  we  know  how  to  give  them  the  individual  resourcing   and  encouragement  they  need  so  they  can  become  high   achieving  21st  Century  Learners  and  great  Kiwi  citizens.   St  Mary’s  school  is  about  learning  how  to  achieve  and  it’s   more  than  that  too.     As  well  as  a  fabulous  ERO  review  and  the  sort  of  National   Standard  results  that  are  a  show-­‐stopper,  we  are  a   Special  Character  School.  We  learn  about  our  Catholic   Faith  here  and  what  it  means  to  put  God  in  our  lives.   ENROLMENT   To  enroll  at  our  school  an  enrolment  form  must  be   completed  for  your  child.  Because  we  are  a  Special   Character  School  there  are      a  few  criteria  you  have  to   meet  so  have  a  look  over  the  eligibility  categories  you   could  fit  into  on  the  preference  certificate,  then  call  in  to   our  super  friendly  office,  give  us  a  phone  call  or  email   and  we’ll  guide  you  through  the  next  steps.  If  you  are   enrolling  your  child  for  the  first  time  you  must  bring  in   copies  of  birth  and  immunization  certificates.   centres  and  one  classroom  is  a  specialist  centre  for   accelerated  learning  projects  and  Gifted  and  Talented   extension  learning  at  a  Secondary  School  level  in  French,   Mathematics  and  Visual  Arts.   We  are  a  Full  Primary  School  which  means  we  have  Year   Seven  and  Eight  classes.  They  have  extension   programmes  in  Technicraft  subjects,  Chemistry,  Metal   and  Wood  Technology,  Materials  and  Foods   Technologies,  Musical  Instruments  and  Outdoor   Adventure  training  at  Cullinane  College.  All  our  Year   Seven  and  Eight  students  learn  Mandarin  Chinese  as  a   second  language.  And,  our  whole  school  are  part  of  the     acclaimed  and  highly  successful  Ke  Tai  Maori  Dimensions   programme  where  Kapa  Haka,  knowing  about  our  place   on  the  river  and  Tikanga  are  woven  through  everything   we  do.   School  starts  here  at  8.45am  for  Year  Seven  and  Eight   Students  and  8.55am  for  all  other  year  groups.  We  work   through  till  11.00am  then  take  a  half  hour  morning  tea   break.  We  are  part  of  the  Fonterra  Milk  in  Schools   programme  so  if  your  child  wants  a  chilled  carton  of  milk   to  start  morning  Tea,  let  us  know  on  enrolment.  Lunch   runs  from  1.00  pm  till  1.45  then  we  teach  on  till  3.00pm.   When  school  finishes  at  3.00pm  we  gather  all  students   who  wait  for  parents  or  buses,  together  outside  our   library  learning  centre  where  we  can  keep  them  in  view   till  parents  arrive.  If  students  arrive  at  school  before  8.15   we  expect  them  to  gather  outside  the  library  learning   centre  till  we  open  classes  and  release  them  at  8.15.   Again  we  can  keep  an  eye  on  our  early  birds.   The  crossing  outside  school  is  always  managed  by  an   expert  team  of  road  patrollers  and  two  teachers  and   there’s  car  parking  forever,  just  opposite  our  front  gate   and  over  the  railway  line. PAGE  2   TRANSITION  TO  SCHOOL   Our  Junior  Learning  Centre  teachers  will  arrange  a   transition  to  school  programme  for  your  child.  Generally   that  will  involve  a  series  of  pre-­‐visits  and  meeting  to  give   your  child  the  smoothest  transition  possible.  We  want   them  to  feel  like  they  are  part  of  our  Junior  learning   Centre  family  from  day  one.  Our  transition  programme   will  give  you  the  opportunity  to  share  our  learning   philosophy  and  understand  our  school  culture.  We  hope   to  connect  you  to  other  new  parents  at  the  same  time  so   that  there’ll  be  faces  you’ll  know  and  other  parents   you’ve  been  introduced  to.  You’ll  become  part  of  our   bigger  school  family  very  quickly.   SCHOOL  ORGANISATION   We  currently  have  eleven  teaching  and  management   staff  and  a  talented,  talented  team  of  support  specialists,   grounds  person-­‐caretaker  and  Office  Executive.   Combined,  we  really  do  make  the  difference  that  ERO   noted  in  our  recent  outstanding  review.  We  run  nine   classrooms.  Eight  classrooms  are  whole  class  learning   ST  MARYS  SCHOOL  INFORMATION  BOOKLET  2014    


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  ABSENCES   Your  child’s  safety  is  our  priority.  If  they  are  going  to  be   absent  we  ask  you  to  ring  us  at  your  earliest  opportunity,   leave  a  message  on  the  phone  if  its  early  or  an  email  to   our  web  site  address.  Our  Phone  is  3431227.  We  will   contact  you  if  your  child  is  unaccounted  for  but  it  helps   us  so  much  and  saves  so  much  time  if  you  can  let  us   know  first.  If  you  are  bringing  children  in  late  or  you   need  to  pick  them  up  early  please  call  into  our  office  first   to  let  us  know.  If  there’s  going  to  be  an  absence  for  a   length  of  time  we  ask  you  for  a  brief  letter  that  we  can   keep  in  our  files.   really  proud  of  it.  Have  a  look  on  our  website  at  what’s   needed.  We  know  that  from  time  to  time  children  will   leave  clothing  at  relatives  or  loose  items  briefly  so  please   help  us  and  name  everything  clearly  and  indelibly.  If  its   named  we  can  very  nearly  always  find  and  sort  it.  If  its   not  named  or  the  name  cant  be  interpreted,  we  all  end   up  worried.   It’s  not  all  doom  and  gloom  though  for  those  who  want   uniform  break  outs.  We  have  regular  events  where   children  wear  street  gear  to  school  and  lots  of  fun   special  effects  days  too  where  you’ll  see  more  bling  than   Shortland  Street.   ILLNESS  AND  INJURY  AT  SCHOOL   If  your  child  has  an  accident  at  school  or  becomes  ill,  we   will  contact  you  immediately  if  its  of  anything  other  than   very  minor  daily  wear  and  tear.  Please  help  us  by   keeping  us  up  to  date  at  all  times  with  any  telephone   number  changes  or  changes  of  emergency  contacts.   Please  advise  us  if  your  children  require  prescribed   medication  for  any  aliment  so  that  we  can  enter  their   records  on  our  medical  register  system  and  make  sure   they  get  best  care.  We  will  ask  you  to  sign  an  authority   for  us  to  administer  the  necessary  medication.  A  record   is  kept  of  all  incidents  of  significance  that  require  a  visit   to  our  wellness  room  (the  sick  bay).  We  will  contact  you   to  let  you  know  what  has  happened  and  what  action  we   have  taken  except  for  the  daily  minor  events  like  a  small   plaster,  a  cheerful  encouragement  or  a  five  second   application  of  an  ice  pack  for  morale  purposes.   If  your  child  has  a  serious  allergy  or  ongoing  condition   we  will  develop  a  custom-­‐fit  health  plan  with  you.  If  your   child  develops  an  infectious  or  notifiable  disease  please   contact  us  as  soon  as  you  can.   PARKING   Our  roll  numbers  have  grown  significantly  since  the   parking  bays  were  put  in  around  the  school.  There  can   be  the  usual  wet  day-­‐pickup  squeeze  just  when  you  need   your  children  quickly  after  school  and  you  cant  find  a   space.  There  is  always  limitless  parking  in  leafy,  park  like   grounds  along  the  edge  of  the  railway  line  just  outside   our  main  gate  where  you  can  sit  in  comfort  while  we   walk  your  children  over  to  you.     We  do  ask  you  not  to  use  the  staff  car  park  after  school   even  if  you  do  spot  a  space.  Children  exit  and  enter  after   school  through  the  car  park  especially  if  they  have  bikes,   and  it  makes  it  tough  for  the  Road  Patrollers  and  exiting   children  to  have  a  car  driving  through  them  as  they   leave.  And  please  dont  stop  by  the  road  patrol  crossing.   You  might  only  intend  to  be  there  for  moments  but  it   makes  it  really  hard  for  our  patrollers  and  crossing   students.   PTA   Our  PTA  are  powerhouse!    They  fund  raise  so  effectively   for  all  the  beautiful  extra  things  our  school  students   enjoy.  They  have  fundraised  for  filtered  drinking   fountains,  our  hall  fixtures  and  fittings,  sand  pit,  sports   uniforms,  camp  subsidies  for  parents  with  students   going  to  camps,  shade  sails,  Library  soft  furniture,  tablets   through  the  school  and  more.  They  are  a  parent  and   teacher  group  who  meet  informally  on  an  as-­‐needs  basis   to  put  together  fun  projects  to  raise  the  extra  funding   our  school  community        enjoys.  We  want  you  to  come  to   at  least  one  of  our  meetings  this  year  just  to  see  who  we   are  and  get  to  know  other  parents.            Once  your  child   has  started  we’ll  get  in  touch  with  you  to  let  you  know   about  a  meeting. PHONES,  JEWELLRY  AND  CLOTHING  THAT’S   NOT  UNIFORM   We  don’t  want  any  of  these  at  school  unless  there  are   special  circumstances.  If  children  needed  to  have  a   phone  for  after-­‐school  security  reasons  they  are  to  hand   it  in  at  the  office  and  we’ll  care  for  it  for  the  day  until   they  need  it.  If  children  wear  studs  we  want  them  to  be   small,  dark  blue  or  black,  plain  and  definitely  not  blingy.     We  expect  hair  to  be  clean  and  tidy  and  if  it  touches  the   shoulders,  to  be  tied  back  or  up  with  a  plain  navy  or   black  band.  We  do  have  a  school  uniform  and  we  are        


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    OUR  ST  MARY’S  SCHOOL  UNIFORM     For  our  students  from  Yr  0  to  6     Our  Summer  Boys’  Uniform   Our  Summer  Girls’  Uniform   (  All  this  can  be  purchased  from    The  Warehouse  )   Grey  Drill  Shorts   Grey  Polo  Shirt   St  Mary’s  Jersey  or  a  St  Mary’s  Polar  Fleece    for    years  1~4   St  Mary’s  School  Sunhat   Black  Roman  Sandals   Our  Summer  Tunic  can  be  purchased  from  school   (All  the  rest  can  be  purchased  at  The  Warehouse)   St  Mary’s  Jersey   The  St  Mary’s  School  bucket-­‐style  sun  hat  can  be   purchased  at  The  Warehouse   Black  Roman  Sandals     Our  Winter  Boys’  Uniform   Royal  Skivvy         Grey  Winter  Shorts   St  Mary’s  School  Jersey  or  a  St  Mary’s  Polar  Fleece  for   Years  1  ~  4   St  Mary’s  School  Socks     St  Mary’s  beanie   Black  lace  up  shoes     Our  Winter  Girl’s  Uniform     For  our  Year  7  and  8  Students   Our  Summer  Intermediate  Boys’  Uniform   (  All  this  can  be  purchased  at  The  Warehouse  )   Grey  Drill  Shorts   Navy  Polo  shirt   St  Mary’s  Jersey   St  Mary’s  School  Sunhat   Black  Roman  Sandals   Our  Winter  Tunic  can  be  purchased    from  school   (All  the  rest  can  be  purchased  at  The  Warehouse)   Royal  skivvy   St  Mary’s  School  Jersey,  or  a  St  Mary’s  Polar  Fleece  for   Years  1~4   St  Mary’s  School  Socks   St  Mary’s  beanie   Black  lace  up  shoes     Our  Summer  Intermediate  Girls’  Uniform   Our  Summer  skirt  can  be  purchased  from  school.   (All  the  rest  can  be  purchased  at  The  Warehouse)   White  shirt     St  Mary’s  Jersey     St  Mary’s  School  hat         Black  Roman  Sandals     Our  Winter  Boys  Intermediate  Uniform   Grey  Winter  Shorts   Grey  long  sleeve  shirt   St  Mary’s  School  Jersey   St  Mary’s  School  Socks     St  Mary’s  School  Tie  can  be  purchased  from  school   Black  lace  up  shoes     Our  Winter  skirt  and  St  Mary’s  School  Tie  can  be   purchased    from  the  school                                                                                                       (All  the  rest  can  be  purchased  at  The  Warehouse)   White  long  sleeve  shirt     St  Mary’s  School  Jersey   Navy  long  socks/  knee  highs       Black lace up shoes   Our  Winter  Girls’  Intermediate  Uniform   Students  need  a  Sports  Tee.    You  can  purchase  this  from  school   They  need  Navy  sports  shorts.    Purchase  these  at  The  Warehouse   ST  MARYS  SCHOOL  INFORMATION  BOOKLET  2014     PAGE  4   Our  Sports  Uniform  is  for  all  year  levels.  


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FOOD  AND  DRINK  AT  SCHOOL  FOR  MORNING  TEA  AND  LUNCHES.   We  are  a  Health  Promoting  School,  which  means  we  do   our  best  to  promote  Physical  Health  and  Wellbeing.   One  way  schools  are  asked  to  do  this  is  by  promoting   balanced  food  and  drink  choice  that  is  light  on  sugars,   sweeteners  and  preservatives.  This  does  not  mean  we   are  lunch-­‐box  police:   • We  offer  a  small  carton  of  chilled  Fonterra  Milk  to   all  students  just  before  playtime.  If  you  want  your   student  to  have  milk  then  please  sign  up  in  the   enrolment  pack  or  let  us  know  at  the  office.   We  don’t  encourage  any  fortified  or  sugared  drinks   at  school.  We  are  water-­‐only  and  all  our  drinking   fountains  are  filtered.   We  don’t  encourage  any  high  sugar,  weird  color,   flavor  fortified  energy  bars  at  school.   We  don’t  encourage  chippies  and  cheezles  etc.   We  certainly  don’t  encourage  biscuits  and  cakes   and  sweet  buns.   Of  course  children  think  these  things  are  great  and   • eat  them  first  whenever  they  get  the  chance  and   leave  the  rest.  It’s  just  not  pretty  trying  to  teach   them  once  they’ve  had  a  dose  of  sugar  and  coloring   and  turn  into  distracted,  unhappy  fidgets  who   struggle  to  learn.   • We  encourage  all  children  to  keep  their  wrappers   and  cartons  in  their  lunch  boxes  and  take  them   home.  It  really  helps  us  to  cut  down  on  the  daily   rubbish  pile  at  school.   We’ll  do  our  best  to  make  sure  children  do  eat  their   morning  tea  and  lunch.  We  do  supervise  without   being  lunch-­‐box  police  and  make  sure  they  eat   before  playing.  Some  students  are  so  keen  to  play   they  forget  to  do  the  first  bit  unless  we  keep  an  eye   out.   We  have  a  food  scrap  bin  where  the  ends  and  left-­‐ overs  are  collected  daily  and  go  to  a  farmlet.  There   are  several  very  happy  piglets  there  who  dine  out   on  our  high-­‐quality  lunch  scraps. • • • • • •             ST  MARYS  SCHOOL  INFORMATION  BOOKLET  2014     PAGE  5  


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BECOMING  PART  OF  A  SPECIAL  CHARACTER  CATHOLIC  SCHOOL   Our  Catholic  School  does  everything  a  State  School  does   then  a  li)le  bit  more  too.  We  believe  we  do  everything  a   State  School  does  and  that  li!le  bit  more;    excellently.   The  reason  our  school  exists  is  to  share  the  Gospel   Message,  Christ’s  teachings  and  the  beliefs  and  values  of   our  Catholic  Church.  We’re  different  from  State  Schools   because  our  whole  reason  for  being,  is  based  on  the   values  and  spirituality  of  our  Catholic  faith  and  the   Sisters  of  St  Joseph  who  were  the  founders  of  our   school.  They  named  our  school,  St  Mary’s  a6er  Mary,  the   mother  of  Jesus  and  patron  saint  of  the  school.   Our  school  Charism  statement  that  we  live  to  daily  says,   Schools’  Curriculum  is  foremost.  Part  of  your   commitment  you  make  to  them  and  us  is,  you  will  bring   them  to  our  once  a  term  whole  school  Sunday  Mass  at  St   Mary’s  Church.  Part  of  the  commitment  you  make  to   them  and  us  is  you  will  include  and  support  them  in  any   of  the  Sacrament  prepara.ons  we  run  as  school   programmes.  We  run  an  annual  Bap0sm  Programme  for   any  children  who  have  not  been  bap2sed.  It’s  a  great   programme.  Its  run  in-­‐school.    It’s  a  huge  witness  of  faith   for  our  student  body  and  wider  learning  community  and   its  an  event  we  really  celebrate.  We  also  join  in  the   Reconcilia)on  and  First  Holy  Communion  prepara)on   programmes  which  are  external.   Our  Six  Responsibili0es  here,  help  students  develop  self-­‐   management  and  self-­‐belief  as  Catholics.  Each   responsibility  is  tagged  to  a  Gospel  Value  and  Gospel   story  and  have  such  an  effect  on  our  whole  learning  and   playing  environment  that  the  Educa4on  Review  Office   noted  in  their  outstanding  2014  review  of  us,  “  The   school’s  special  character  underpins  all  aspects  of  school   life.  The  curriculum  has  a  focus  on  gospel  values.   Teachers,  students  and  parents  successfully  promote  the   school’s  ethos  and  culture.”   “  St  Marys  School  will  work  to  nurture  each   child  so  that  they  grow  and  develop  spiritually,   intellectually  and  physically  into  caring  and   responsible  members  of  our  school   community.”   When  you  become  a  Special  Character  student  and   family  here  at  St  Mary’s  School,  it  means  making  a   commitment  to  the  Catholic  upbringing  of  your  child.   We’ll  teach  them  excellently  in  a  daily  environment   where  prayer,  reflec,on  and  learning  from  our  Catholic     We  are  a  fully  State  Integrated  school.  We  enrol  students  from  Year  1  to  8.                                                                                       Our  point  of  difference  is  we  put  Christ  first  in  our  lives.           ST  MARYS  SCHOOL  INFORMATION  BOOKLET  2014     PAGE  6  


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WE  HOST  AN  EXCELLENT  AFTER  SCHOOL  CARE  PROGRAMME  ON-­‐SITE:  SKIDS!     Welcome  to  Safe  Kids  In  Daily  Supervision  (sKids)  where  the  safety  and  care  of   your  child  is  our  number  one  priority.     We  offer  you  the  opportunity  for  your  child  to  have  affordable,  supervised  care  by  our  qualified  team  members,  in  a   safe  and  nurturing  environment,  right  here  on  site  at  St  Mary’s  School.   For  us  this  is  more  than  a  business  it's  a  PASSION,  that's  why…   • • •     Before  school  care        (run  from  Mosston  School,  children  transported  to  St  Mary’s,  7am-­‐8.30am)   After  school  care            (onsite  at  St  Mary’s  School,  3pm-­‐6pm)         School  holiday  programmes    (run  from  Mosston  School,  7.30am-­‐6pm)     As  a  prerequisite  all  new  SKids  team  members  must  complete  our  specialised  training  programme.   Each  team  member  is  police  vetted  and  trained  to  above  industry  standards.   All  SKids  Centres  are  regularly  monitored  by  our  network  of  Area  Managers  to  ensure  our  high  standards  are   meet.   A  typical  afternoon  at  Skids  St  Mary’s  includes:   • • • • Afternoon  tea,  which  is  provided.   Structured,  supervised  homework  time.   An  exciting  activity  each  day,  ranging  from  art,  cooking  drama,  technology,  sports   The  all  time  favourite,  supervised  free  time.   Fees   • • • Morning  care  $7  per  session.   After  School  Care  $17  per  session  or  Full  week  $85   Early  pick  up  (by  4pm)    $12per  session    or  Full  week  $55   OSCAR  subsidies  available.   For  more  information  email  or  ph  021  744  530  (Franchise  owner)   Or  feel  free  to  contact  Wendy  Howley,  Programme  Manager  021  975  631  or  pop  into  room  7  at  School.   ST  MARYS  SCHOOL  INFORMATION  BOOKLET  2014     PAGE  7  



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